Automatic Rifleman NCOER Bullets

o helped sustain total combat readiness of his squad and A CO 2-4IN BN 4BDE 10MTN DIV

o protected the Security Force Advise and Assist Teams; facilitated overall mission accomplishment

o his efficiency, professionalism, and initiative inspired his peers and subordinates to strive for success

o exercised his technical profiency on the company Heavy Weapons Qualification range; qualified expert on the .50 cal

o deployed to Afghanistan for with 4IBCT PRT Team for 9 months; earned his second ARCOM

o expanded his professional knowledge and leadership skills by attending and successfully completing the Warrior Leadership Course

o assisted Commandos in the Afghanistan Army with their weapon systems making them more knowledgeable, proficient, and combat effective

o lost a considerable amount of weight to pass the APFT Height and Weight Standards; bettered himself and the U.S. Army

o advanced knowledge of the training area aided his leadership in route selection, tactical operations, and layouts of multiple objectives

o his motivation and experience was a strong contributing factor to the successful completion of the ODA's training mission in support of A Co, 1-509th IN ABN

o demonstrated exceptional resilience and dedication to his secondary duty as a platoon armorer; met demanding requirements of both positions

o handled the stress of a constant flow of incoming personnel and personnel moving to different duty positions efficiently; demonstrated exceptional resilience

o served as a Bradley Gunner while assigned to Aco 2-34; multiplied team effectiveness

o completed LRM and qualified expert on the M-4 and .50 cal

o demonstrated his weapon knowledge by coaching other soldiers at the M-4 qualification range and on .50 cal operations

o served as a sentry at Camp McGill and demonstrated exceptional competence in his assigned weapon system and thorough knowledge of his responsibilities as a sentry

o contributed to the securing of Camp McGill and ensured subsequent follow-on missions on FOB Thunder

o acted as the primary EPW that led to the discovery of CCIR

o participated in two live fire exercises as the point man

o supported Charley company in accomplishing dismounted missions for U.S. contractors

o demonstrated initiative; briefed mission routes and latest intel to contractors prior to movement; avoided unnecessary risks

o ensured the readiness and well being of himself and other platoon members

o fostered a productive working environment during cross training with the Columbian contingent; improved joint operations

o strived to learn and grow with his duties at OP 3-2 as well as South Camp

o worked over 60 hours a week performing all duties and assisting in the TOC when needed

o bridged the language gap with the Columbian contingent during our time training on team sized movements

o performed all translations for both sides, leading to good training and relations

o volunteered to be transferred from Bravo company Southwest Province, Helmand to Charley company Central Province, Kabul

o earned high PT and marksmanship scores

o deployed to Afghanistan as an automatic rifleman with 1-36 IN

o demonstrated leadership beyond his position in B Co 3/144 IN TF

o played an essential role in Base Security and Force Protection Operations at a variety of facilites in Konduz, Afghanistan

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