Rifleman NCOER Bullets

Soldiers clearing junction

o his fire team, on the attack for the radio jammer, was first to engage with embedded enemy while moving through the woods during OP Signal Lost; destroyed radio jammer and located the HVT

o revived his FTL after he went down and lay down suppressing fire with the SAW; allowed the fire team to regroup with the rest of the Squad

o conducted more than 120 missions in support of OEF with partner forces, ANA/ALP

o trained over 100 ALP soldiers in support of Village Stability Operations

o demonstrated physical superiority and courage during MLOC

o ensured all his assigned equipment was properly accounted for and maintained to 10/20 standard

o improved the tactical flow capabilities of senior PAX on ground conducting operations

o demonstrated his value to the squad with knowledge and skill outside of his MOS

o shown positive attitude and constant self improvement

o executed difficult combat commands under stressful combat conditions throughout the current deployment; indispensable to the team's overall success

o served as a rifleman during JRTC Rotation 2012 for the unit's deployment

o conducted support by fire during Operation Bronco Rumble with competence and professionalism

o assisted Bn vehicle maintenance; great asset in scheduled PMCS

o as rifleman at COB KIRUMBA, mapped the area of responsibility and improved COB operations and CIMIC activities

o guaranteed the team's overall success as the mission was accomplished in a swift tactical manner

o conducted 4 live fire training certifications as an Infantry Rifleman

o carried his M249 for most of the road march without falling back; set the example for other soldiers to follow

o efficient; placed markings in accordance with platoon and team SOP upon clearing an OBJ during MOUT Live Fire Certification

o demonstrated dedication, perseverance and tenacity in his duties as M249 SAW gunner during JRTC

o completed all lanes and scenarios at JRTC with little or no preparation

o mentored peers within the Infantry Rifle Squad and Team

o took leadership initiative during Land Nav and STX

o helped his team, as point man, to finish with the best time in the company for land nav

o assumed team leader position for STX lanes, flawless execution

o supported 1st Platoon as the acting armoror and ensuring there are no deficiencies on mission essential equipment

o his performance and mastery of Infantry skills speak highly of his soldiering capability

o utilized deadly and accurate M14 fire to neutralize forward personnel targets; obtained highest score in Delta Company

o sustained total combat readiness of his squad through constant preparation

o protected the Security Force Advise and Assist Teams, advanced U.S. goals in region

o his ambition and positive attitude fostered an effective working environment

o never quit attitude was instrumental in the success of op Alamo Scout 3

o demonstrated dedication to duty by volunteering for 5 detainee escort missions, including one high value detainee

o took the initiative to study, learn, repair, and maintain the BDOC crew-served weapons systems, a duty outside his MOS

o although assigned to duties outside his primary MOS, has exceeded all standards and expectations of an Infantry Soldier

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