Bradley Fighting Vehicle Gunner

o trained and mentored two Gunners; achieving superior on BFV Gunnery

o ensured all crews were trained in gunnery skills and tasks; key to the qualifying of three out of four crews

o assisted in the progression of drivers, developing them for the next position

o identified and solved commo issues, restored the company's mission; resulted in successful qualification of Bradley gunnery table VI for all crews

o versatile; completed two Bradley Gunnery iterations and one rotation to NTC; served as driver on a Bradley and as a gunner for a Mortar system at NTC

o supervised work rotations; preventive actions maintained zero heat casualties during Bradley Gunnery

o identified enemy combatants and eliminated them; saved himself and fellow soldiers

o qualified his Bradley crew as Bravo Company's "Top Gun" during table six stabilized Bradley Gunnery

o ensured high crew throughput due to close oversight and team-oriented management during Bradley gunnery range operations

o resolved range issues in minimal time and completed the company's mission and the successful qualification of Bradley gunnery table VI for all crews

o was a key element of his crew as Bradley Gunner and achieved the highest qualification score ever during Bradley Qualification Table VI during AT, and earned 337th BEB Top Gun award

o shot distinguished with a score of 981 at A Company Gunnery; was also the top gun score

o earned his EIB and deployed in support of Operation New Dawn

o served as subject matter expert on the M1A2 Bradley fighting vehicle; trained new crews and ensured everyone was knowledgeable on the Bradley platform

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