Gunner NCOER Bullets

o successfully supported, verified, and safely sent rounds down range without any incidents; vital and important part of the Battery

o maintained digital communications during Operation Dragon Fury II and safely fired three M28A2 RRPRs during AT XV

o translated the U.S. Army pre-jump into Spanish for the Spanish Airborne forces; maintained team integrity and safety

o is an expert marksman with the M240L machine gun

o is a dedicated team leader; put an enormous amount of effort into mentoring new machine gunners, crew rehearsals and weapons maintenance

o mentored the Platoon's junior Privates, familiarized them with the M-240B should they ever need to fill that role

o participated in rotations to PTA, NTC and completed a 15 month deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom

o integral element in his crew obtaining the highest qualification score during Bradley Qualification Table VI during AT, earning the award of 337th BEB Top Gun

o trained platoon members on M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle operations, the Mark-19, and comm equipment

o demonstrated superior knowledge of the operation and maintenance of the M60 machine gun

o proved to be the most motivated and reliable gunner in the platoon

o showed extraordinary situational awareness and tactical knowledge well above his pay grade

o demonstrated an exceptional understanding of all assigned weapon systems and shared this information with his fellow Paratroopers, advancing the combat effectiveness of the Platoon

o followed practical COIN tactics and procedures on a daily basis, ensured safety of team

o his motivation and experience with the platoon's mine roller and mine plow led to the platoon's 1st place win in the Bn competition

Soldier firing machine gun

o dedicated to his assigned duties; attention to detail, enthusiasm, and indomitable spirit inspired his peers

o completed over 100 high-risk convoy security missions spanning over 8,000 miles of the most dangerous Iraqi provinces

o led the platoon in identifying insurgent threats during the unit rotation to the Fort Irwin National Training Center

o due to excellent performance in CQB, was selected to train an entire platoon on basic MOUT and CQB operations

o used personal time to help three PMT 7 Soldiers pass their APFT and all three exceeded the Army standard by over thirty points

o supported 110 successful Quick Reaction Force missions; always prepared

o provided safe passage for civilian trucks from Camp Virginia, Kuwait to Camp Cedar, Iraq as Convoy Escort Team

o his experience and enthusiasm gave him the ability to fill any position in the squad

o displayed exemplary skills as a 240B Gunner at Camp Nathan Smith shooting range

o escorted over 200 vehicles safely across the most contested regions of Southern Afghanistan

o SSG Smith's performance and support throughout several exercises has been an immeasurable service to the 22nd IBCT

o completed our most critical missions with little guidance from superiors, our most experienced gunner

o operating outside his MOS, he served as Gunner and Truck Commander on numerous occasions

o in charge of the camp's vehicle entry gate, he enforced strict accountability of all movement into the facility

o provided 24 hour security at the Bani Rabia Range which enabled Alpha and Charlie Battery's completion of Table VIII training

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