Brigade Aviation Element NCOER Comments

Receiving supplies via helicopter

o arranged two MH-60 Blackhawk flights to deliver critical supplies to sustain the Soldiers at VSP Tagaw

o coordinated with aircraft loadmasters to prioritize and distribute cargo for over 100 flights

o augmented garrison staff as an Air Traffic Assistant and processed over 100 flight plans resulting in over 9,000 aircraft movements without incident

o supported the 185th TAB during multiple APOD and SPOD operations including 6 CH-47s and 39 UH-60s

o oversaw operations as a Flight Operations clerk in a 13-ship HH-60M Blackhawk Air Ambulance Company

o integrated expeditionary FARP training into the battle rhythm of JTF-B units, increasing the Joint Task Force's expeditionary FARP capabilities

o instrumental in the transport of 52 passengers in support of Tarin Kowt Expeditionary Advisory Package, 1-87 FA Battalion

o performed daily passenger processing operations; verified travel eligibility for over 2,000 pax; prevented unauthorized travel

o processed, prioritized, and supported over 300 Air Movement Requests (AMR)

o arranged and coordinated passenger and cargo movement in support of Combined Task Force Lightnining

o ensured all aircraft were tracked and all flight plans filed and closed out

o instrumental in the air movement of elements of the Region VIII Homeland Response Force to the Vigilant Guard Exercise in Colorado

o planned and executed the successful air movement for elements of the HRF to the Vigilant Guard Exercise in Colorado

o coordinated over 200 critical combat aerial resupply missions to sustain warfighters on the ground

o ensured air terminal security; inspected departing passenger bags for unauthorized items; ensured flight safety

o coordinated logistical procurements and resources for over one hundred Soldiers

o supervised the recovery of a crashed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle near Kandahar Airfield

o provided 30 million dollars of ready-to-fight ammunition, weapons and equipment to the 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions

o maintained complete accountability of all supplies, records, and sensitive items

o maintained meticulous accountability of over $33 million worth of installation, PBO, and equipment

o volunteered to fill any role needed to maintain operations at the Udairi Army Airfield

o established EESOH account and training; ordered and obtained Hazardous Material items for pallet and net repair; corrected QA finding

o served as the night shift Flight Operations Specialist; maintained round-the-clock readiness

o attended 60K loader course; qualified on vehicle; streamlined loading operations

o identified and corrected issues in over 100 rated and non-rated crewmembers' flight records

o assisted in the movement of JMC/FMS cargo; built and processed 55 pallets, 90 tons, $11M of AA&E; strengthened ANA ground forces

o expertly processed 32 DV arrival/departure checklists during CAPSTONE Conference; ensured event success

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