Brigade Aviation Element
Duty Descriptions

Element NCOIC
Responsible for 4 NCOs and 4 Soldiers; maintains situational awareness of airfield activity and movement capabilities and requirements; responsible for security within airfield and compound; briefs aircrews on operational hazards and responds to aircraft in-flight or ground emergencies; conducts airfield inspections; coordinates with airfield support units; prioritizes Air Movement Requests and tasks outside units when necessary; ensures safe operations.

Movement Specialist
Accepts and processes Air Movement Requests (AMR); coordinates logistical resources for Soldiers; records documentation using the Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES); verifies cargo scheduled for movement is safe and properly palletized; reviews and verifies personnel orders; schedules aviation operations and tracks all flights; maintains around-the-clock operations; ensures personnel, equipment and supplies are delivered on time and where needed.

Aviation Platoon Sergeant
Serves as a Platoon Sergeant in an Assault Helicopter Company; responsible for the accountability, welfare, physical fitness, and administrative support of 7 NCOs and 3 Warrant Officers; maintains the platoon's personal readiness; develops the Platoon Leader's aviation maintenance expertise; provides mentorship and training for all Soldiers in the platoon; teaches crew resource management procedures; maintains the serviceability of 11 UH-60 Helicopters valued at over $40 million; assists the Platoon Leader and First Sergeant in all platoon matters.

transporting personnel by helicopter

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