Building Custodian NCOER Bullets

o as Quality Assurance Evaluator for $1,000,000 maintenance contract, ensured timely completion of over 200 work orders

o superlative contributions to building management; initiated engineering assessment for steam reduction which ultimately saved the Army $100K a year

o conducted daily preemptive inspections; diligent efforts ensured system readiness and reliable mission generation

o advocate for staff and customer safety; diligently monitored inspection programs to exceed Army and OSHA standards

o astute resource acumen; accomplished self-help project using on-hand materials and base resources, saved the unit over $30,000 dollars

o facilitated 11 self-help projects; preserved facility appearance for years to come $35,000 under budget

o completed 19 hour Army Contracting Office Representative Course and faciliated over $25,000 in building modifications

o maintained 7 buildings across the installation and identified and corrected 20 major discrepancies; key to passing facility/fire safety inspection

o responded to 5 facility chemical spills and coordinated cleanup to mitigate damage, developed measures to prevent future incidents

o environmentally conscious; scrutinized waste disposal program, identified unmonitored spills and corrected, facility rated Outstanding

o identified several electrical wiring problems and coordinated repairs, prevented the destruction of $100,000 worth of critical communications equipment

o established and maintained outstanding work relationship with other base maintenance agencies; rapport improved mission support

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