Building Manager Duty Descriptions

00G/Facilities Manager
Performs administrative services for the daily operation and maintenance of the Armed Forces Reserve Center, covering a site area of 58.41 acres and building area of 4.28 acres; serves a combined work force comprised of 1,115 Army Reserve, Army National Guard, and DA Civilian personnel; acts as the primary point of contact for reporting all maintenance, repairs, and logistical requirements to the 81st Readiness Division; ensures compliance with all certifications, safety, fire prevention, and physical security requirements; inspects contract work for completeness such as plumbing, utility, telephone, janitorial, and elevator service; determines and projects funding requirements; submits budget requests.

Building Manager
Serves as the central point of contact for all building-related matters; maintains all organizational buildings and infrastructure; establishes, maintains and renews memorandums of support from base agencies; conducts regular inspections of all real property and infrastructure; identifies electrical, plumbing or structural problems; coordinates, tracks and ensures timely completion of work orders and repairs; evaluates, coordinates and tracks self-help projects; facilitates building modifications.

Barracks Manager
Responsible for 2nd BDE Unaccompanied Housing assignments for 1424 individual living spaces and clearing procedures; maintains and inventories furniture and equipment worth in excess of $450,000; coordinates daily escorts for maintenance contractors; maintains two SAFLOK room key issue systems and two door lock programmers valued at $25,000; reports weekly status on man hours used to maintain Single Soldier housing to the Department of Defense.

Ordnance Dining Hall at Fort Lee

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