COMSEC Custodian NCOER Bullets

o brought account into compliance, passing the CSLA audit after a two-year suspension with zero issues reported

o involved with Soldiers; worked long hours ensuring appointed LE were adequately trained and understood handling procedures

o diligently built relationships with G6 and S6 leadership to ensure COMSEC synchronization across multiple WFX domains

o issued and maintained accountability of 6095 COMSEC Items resulting in zero loss of control across 41 organization

o standardized COMSEC management practiced across 28 subaccounts, giving the CMD crucial insight into down trace units

o Completed CCIR to new KOAM of 886 Classified COMSEC items, resulting in zero loss of accountability

o coached new KOAM in completing duties; achieved operational success for Change of Custodian Inventory

o aided in the dissemination of COMSEC keys; direct reflection of success for NEO operations in Afghanistan

o assisted in a two-day vehicle movement from MK Airbase, Romania to Budapest, Hungary, covering more than 1,000 km; transferred all classified material securely

o provided essential assistance in conducting over 500 km of recon efforts to assure mission readiness; key to route clearance and future missions

o updated the COMSEC SOP and COMSEC Basic Emergency Plan twice; kept the BDE current with doctrinal changes in AR 380-40 and TB 380-41 (25B4P/COMSEC Account Manager)

o successfully moved 783 pieces of highly sensitive material totalling 17,000 lbs; no security violations

o his determination to adhere to the National Security Agency policies aided in the Division's "Outstanding" rating during the Semi-Annual COMSEC Inspection

o deployed three times in support of Operations IRAQI and ENDURING FREEDOM providing essential Communication Security for over two thousand AH-64 combat sorties

o loaded/witnessed destruction of critical Communications Security information which enabled critical, secure communications with helicopter crews to receive clearance to land at deployed location

o her efforts were instrumental in the training nine personnel on the new AH-64 fill keying process, performing an annual rekey of 36 AH-64 helicopters

o provided vital expertise as the interim Security Manager, responsible for the timely processing of security clearances and visit requests for over 100 personnel; vital to operations

o aided immeasurably in several Operational Readiness Inspections, Unit Compliance Inspections, and Communications Security Inspections

o masterminded the control and security of 75 classified equip items garnering a 100% inventory of $2.5 million in assets with zero security violations

o ensured all required information was correctly documented and proccessed for all of the Operations group security clearances

o packed/processed 14 full COMSEC support packages to teams deploying in support of Haiti Relief Operations enabling deployment within 12 hours of alert recall

o developed the 31st Armored Brigade Information Assurance COMSEC account inspection database providing centralized account tracking, increased on-time inspections for all user accounts

o his strict attention to detail and accounting procedures ensured the accountability of over 3,000 COMSEC items and was directly responsible for 434th FA Excellent rating for the 2009 Information Assurance Assessment Program visit

o led the COMSEC ADVON team for the Secretary of Defense's # 1 priority, Task Force ODIN. He carefully controlled 24 hard drives, 9 SKLs, and 8 laptops while maintaining 100% accountability of all classified material

o led the 7th Signal Brigade COMSEC Account through the 2009 5th Signal Command inspection. This account received zero discrepancies achieving the highest rating from HQ USAREUR

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