COMSEC Custodian Duty Descriptions

COMSEC Custodian
Manages classified equipment, materials, and information in accordance with DoD COMSEC policies; securely stores classified material; maintains COMSEC access list; limits access to classified material to authorized personnel; maintains accountability of all COMSEC material; submits required accounting reports; briefs users and maintains records of initial briefings and debriefings; programs and distributes COMSEC devices; orders, receives, loads, and manages COMSEC keying material using the Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) and Simple Key Loader (SKL) and other devices; re-keys circuits as required.

COMSEC Custodian
Oversees the accurate inventory, distribution, accountability, and destruction of COMSEC keys and related material; maintains COMSEC material and equipment to include: key tapes, firefly keys, electronic keys, SDNS products, and STEs; serves as SME for the Electronic Key Management System (EKMS), DTDs, SKL, KIV-7, and KG-175D (TACLANE); coordinates with EKMS users to determine EKMS keying requirements; trains personnel handling COMSEC material and ensures adherence to COMSEC procedures; maintains secure storage and physical security of all COMSEC material; ensures timely destruction of COMSEC material.

COMSEC Custodian
Ensures the integrity of the COMSEC/TRANSEC program; maintains records and files, issues and recovers COMSEC equipment in accordance with established polices; ensures prompt and accurate preparation, signature, and submission of account correspondence, messages, and accounting reports; provides written guidance concerning handling, accountability, disposition, and security of all equipment; writes, reviews, and analyzes COMSEC message traffic and documents to ensure compliance with current Joint COMSEC Management procedures; responds to crisis situations regarding the compromise or loss of COMSEC material.

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