CONEX Manager NCOER Bullets

Conex Shipping Containers

o maintained and distributed over 80 serviceable containers to support units and higher commands for rapid deployment and redeployment, CONUS and OCONUS

o single-handedly reorganized a battalion-sized SAMS-1 stockage listing and connex, providing new, accurate locations valued over $500,000

o volunteered to fill role as container manager to support the Udairi Army Airfield

o identified 20 milvan containers for disposal in less than 30 days, learned new logistics system and arranged for refurbishment

o planned and coordinated the operational, logistical and administrative requirements for the turn-in and consolidation of 345 Connexs

o exceeded Operation Steel Purge requirements; turned in 80% of connexs at the motor pool area valued at over $45,000

o reorganized a battalion sized stockage with proper locations while serving as a SAMS-1 clerk

o inspected over 2,000 containers, rolling stock, and equipment; maintained zero discrepancies

o organized and supported the transfer of Camps Julien and Alamo to the Government of Afghanistan

o initiated, supervised the consolidation, removal and retrograde of 120 containers from within RC-Capital, Afghanistan; saved the U.S. Government millions of dollars

o moved containers daily with no accidents

o maintained accurate, up-to-date inventory, and issue records with no erros

o sounded alarm, contained 2 fires at the Retro Yard; limited loss to superficial damage

o set up communications at both the Marshalling Yard and the Container Yard to facilitate the smooth flow of information up to higher command

o moved 188 containers to DLA worth over $30 million dollars

o operated the RTCH rough terrain cargo handler kalmar proficiently

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