Container Handler Awards

Meritorious service while serving as Container Handler, 489th Transportation Company (Seaport Operations), Jacksonville, Florida, from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Ariel B. Lutz provided the guidance needed to ensure his section was prepared for their next level of advancement. His timely disemmination of information to his Soldiers was directly responsible for their readiness and operational effectiveness during CSTX 19-03. Sergeant Lutz was a key factor in the success of the Company's mission and was responsible for all matters pertaining to Convoy Operations during Annual Training. After being identified as the SME due to his technical and tactical proficiency in both Reconnaissance and Security tasks, he provided effective leadership and guidance to over 60 soldiers. In addition, he represented the 489th TC with relentless dedication and maintained continuous security of the CRSP yard, protecting over $30 million in vital supplies and equipment. The remarkable accomplishments of Sergeant Lutz reflect great credit upon himself, the 489th Transportation Company and the United States Army.

Meritorious service as Regional Container Manager, HHC 136th Manuever Brigade, Task Force Centurion from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXX. During this assignment, Sergeant First Class George Swain's efforts were critical to transfering Camps Julien and Alamo to the Government of Afghanistan during the "Reduction of Force" phase in support of the International Security Assistance Force and Operation Enduring Freedom 12-13. SFC Swain initiated and supervised the consolidation, removal and retrograde of over 100 containers from within RC-Capital, Afghanistan, and accomplished this difficult task 60 days ahead of schedule. His attention to detail and orderly perseverance saved the U.S. Government more than ten million dollars in lost equipment. The outstandong achievements of Sergeant First Class Swain reflect great credit upon himself, the Joint Task Force 136 Maneuver Enhancement Brigade and the United States Army.

When it became apparent that no one on-site, including the Load Handling System operators, knew how to pick up or drop Flatracks, he took the initiative and loaded the Flatracks onto the Load Handling System himself. He also tutored the operators on its operation and capabilities. He then proceeded to operate a rough terrain Container Handler and configured the loads in preparation for their transportation to the port.

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