Drill Sergeant NCOER Bullets

Senior Drill Sergeant

o oversaw the integration and in-processing of approximately 4,000 Soldiers to Fort Sill annually

o guided operations during the sequestration budget reduction in FY14; maintained graduation numbers

o ensured training resources were flexible and scalable to handle training needs for years to come

o implemented individual Soldier-based reviews; ensured graduates were equipped to excel in AIT

o reviewed, revised, and implemented streamlined out-processing procedures in order to ensure timely departures for AIT

o directly contributed to the Battalion's ability to execute instructor missions by ensuring assigned instructors were enrolled in and completed required schooling

o after serving one cycle as a Drill Sergeant, SSG Miles was chosen by the Company Commander to become the Company Executive Officer

o earned the Drill Sergeant Badge in the last third of his career to prove his dedication to strengthening the NCO Corps

o instrumental in developing all command training guidance, training SOPs and command briefings

Drill Sergeant

Drill Sergeant

o instructed over 120 trainees in the proper deployment of the M67 fragmentation hand grenade

o took charge and filled in unexpected personnel and training gaps to ensure mission continuity

o conducted concurrent training on the Fort Sill Advanced Rifle Marksmanship 11 range

o fostered a positive training environment in which all trainees had the opportunity to excel

o volunteered to support other 5-15 Calvary activities including A Troop's Battle Buddy Team Live Fire

o successfully moved the unit to Marseilles Training Center (MTC) IOT conduct AWT and IWQ training

o participated in flag bearing duties as a part of the color guard for E Troop's graduation

o as a drill sergeant in the 2/321st Regiment, her dedication to duty, loyalty, and selfless service contributed greatly to the overall mission accomplishment

o maintained 7 training facilities; performed daily security checks and safeguarded 9 cadre and 300 Soldiers daily

o conducted 60 field training exercises; mentored and evaluated 900 Soldiers and instilled expeditionary skills and warrior ethos

o provided professional and focused instruction to ensure Soldiers were prepared for service

o trained and turned over 1300 civilians into soldiers; supported all echelons: Company, Battalion, Brigade, and MSCoE

o built a Drill Sergeant Mentorship Program that resulted in a 100% graduation rate at Drill Sergeant School

o his dedication and selfless service to the NIACT Mission brought great credit to Task Force Marshall and the 171st INF Brigade

o trained over one thousand initial entry Solders to become professional and productive members of the United States Army

o attention to detail and safety ensured mission success on multiple occasions

o pushed himself and all Drill Sergeants around him by exhibiting superior knowledge, leadership, and devotion to the mission

o selected over three others and advanced to the Fort Leonard Wood Post-level Drill Sergeant of the Quarter Board

o trained 88 soldiers and oversaw 170 while serving as the Bravo Company drill instructor and led or instructed PRT, Drill and Ceremony, Marksmanship and Land Navigation

o his professional appearance, keen knowledge, and outstanding military bearing placed him above all other Drill Sergeants competing at the Board

o coordinated instructions to the Drill Sergeants and Officers assigned under him was a key factor in the success of all the Cadets in his platoon

o delegated tasks effectively and reduced learning time by mentoring and assigning responsibility

o worked tirelessly despite constraints to ensure standards were upheld and proper training was provided to BN IET Soldiers

o demonstrated capable Soldier care, technical and tactical expertise and mentorship

o inspired his peers to execute and compete training in an exemplary manner which directly contributed to the successful graduation of over 90 qualified Infantry Soldiers

o worked continuously to overcome financial and schedule conflicts to ensure standards were met and proper training was provided to 1-48TH IN BN IET Soldiers

o instructed Soldiers on tying the Swiss seat and rappeling off the short tower; increased safety and soldier skills

o provided accurate and focused instruction to ensure Soldiers met standards

o devoted countless hours after the training day to ensure 100% qualification standard; fifth class in a row

o ensured Soldiers were proficient in both basic and advanced infantry tactics

o earned the distinction of being recognized by his peers as "A true mentor"

o managed PT program; tracked and scheduled fitness assessments and recorded scores for over 500 Soldiers

o conducted all assigned training with results that far exceeded expectation as borne out by the success of his troops

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