Driver Examiner NCOER Bullets

See also: Driving Instructor NCOER Bullets

o road-tested a 36-person platoon to qualify the entire unit and met deployment readiness goals

o integrated Composite Risk Management into all aspects of the drivers training program; lowest accident rate in 5 years

o validated effectiveness of training; rigorously tested students and upheld stringent standards

o successfully evaluated and certified all unit members for the upcoming deployment to Afghanistan

o overcome obstacles to get the platoon at 100% status with military drivers license; platoon at 100% status

o demonstrated great examiner skill during drivers training; licensed over 80 well-qualified Soldiers

o incorporated safety into all facets of instruction; resulted in zero accidents over last 18 months

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o provided hands-on evaluation of driver knowledge; verified understanding and competency on 4 modules; increased driver confidence

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