Driving Instructor NCOER Bullets

See also: Driver Examiner NCOER Bullets

o assumed responsibility for unit training and overcame obstacles to get the platoon 100% trained and qualified with military drivers licenses

o delivered drivers training to more than 70 personnel, updated 38/75 packets, fortified unit's driving proficiency

o road-tested a 36-person platoon to qualify the entire unit and met deployment readiness goals

o overcome obstacles to get the platoon at 100% status with military drivers license; platoon at 100% status

o spearheaded the ATV safety course for the Solider's of the 49th Missile Defense Battalion

o successfully trained and certified all unit members for the upcoming deployment to Afghanistan

o modified the MRAP driver's training course to include urban environments and weather conditions

o organized and constructed over 100 drivers' training folders for all of the 49th Soldiers including the Rear Detachment

o shared his knowledge of his MOS to assist in the completion of over 50 drivers licenses

o earned certification by the ATV Safety foundation and graduated in the top 10% of his class

o ensured each student possessed the knowledge and tools to operate an ATV safely

o facilitated the instruction of four MRAP and one LMTV Driver's Training and sustainment training Courses, licensing more than 125 students in preparation for their deployment

o set the standard for trainer/mentor proficiency on the HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer (HEAT)

o developed and launched the unit drivers training program; immediately relieved driver shortage

o prepared, organized and served as lead instructor during Trans Co Anual Training

o taught the ATV driver training program at Ft Greely and saw a 30% reduction in accidents

U.S. Army Vehicles

o navigated ICI and ORS inspections with 90% pass rate; upheld standards, enhancing mission effectiveness for the unit

o taught nine Soldiers how to back up a 1088 MTV tractor trailer to perform alley docking procedures, reduced damage by 30%

o conducted drivers training and convoy procedures to 155 Soldiers leading to most successful convoy to date

o demonstrated tireless devotion to the operational safety of the Soldiers assigned to Bravo Battery, 1st of the 214th FA

o licensed 155 operators in less than 12 months, dramatically increased readiness

o demonstrated great instructor skills during drivers training, licensing over 90 Soldiers for the year 2013

o integrated Composite Risk Management into all aspects of the drivers training program; lowest accident rate in 5 years

o incorporated safety into all facets of instruction; resulted in zero accidents over last 18 months

o accepted responsibility for unit drivers training program despite having no formal training; improved delinquency rate by 50% in first 90 days

o recognized by the Bn commander for having the best drivers training program in the Battalion

o kept meticulous records, facilitated 60 Soldiers being recommended for the Drivers Badge

o acted as primary classroom instructor for the classroom portion of the drivers training program for the M1097 HMWWV and the M108A1P2 LMTV

o demonstrated exceptional classroom professionalism and superior communication ability above and beyond his rank and experience

o produced a 100% pass rate for all 30 of his students who were recent AIT graduates

o assisted 10 new and existing Soldiers of the Company with their training and licensing


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