Infantry NCOER Bullets

o engaged multiple enemies successfully and held the most forward position in the brigade while serving in support of 2Fury

o developed and facilitated a variety of day, evening, and night events and research projects during the 2021 FY; displayed a drive towards excellence

o employed an AT4 and destroyed two enemy BMPs that were threatening the Company and Platoon as the last man standing in his Squad

o led a team as a freshly promoted Specialist and terminated 8 combatants as the squad designated marksman; set the example for his peers to follow

o stepped up as rifleman for 1st squad; performed exceptionally and demonstrated knowledge and skills outside his position in the mortar platoon

o served as a Squad Leader, Team Leader, and Rear Detachment NCOIC; distinguished himself by his experience and knowledge of small unit tactics

o participated in six Team and Squad Live Fire Exercises, three Platoon Live Fire Exercises (LFX), and one Operation Atlantic Resolve deployment

o served as AUS LNO during tasking to Besmayah, South Iraq; demonstrated exceptional leadership and EOD knowledge

o built productive relationships with coalition forces while representing FXL-C during the collection of evidence

o developed a drivers training program that included preventative maintenance checks and services; reduced vehicle failures by 40% in six months

o maintained correct security posture, individual movement techniques, and proper escalation of force; showed sound tactical awareness during all operations

o implemented a driver training program that consisted of defensive driving, offensive driving, hand signals, and night driving; resulted in zero accidents during the nine month deployment

o maintained constant situational awareness and acted accordingly; demonstrated the willingness and capability to take control in any given situation

o taught two EIB/ESB classes to 30 Paratroopers; played key role in the success of the EIB/ESB train up

o briefed the unit on the symptoms and treatment of heat stroke and demonstrated treatment of a casualty for a heat injury; improved team confidence

o developed and gave a class on how to operate the AN/PVS-14 monocular night vision device; expanded team capabilities

o served as Driver and Gunner for the 120mm Mortar System; provided timely and accurate indirect fire for the Speed and Power Brigade during Operation Warrior Strike

o stepped into a leadership position to take control of Gun 2 on weapons squad as the calculated Assistant Gunner; supported friendly troops' advance on capturing an objective

o distinguished himself as an extremely talented Ammo Bearer and Assistant Gunner while assigned to Hatchet Headquarters Company, 2-4 IN Battalion

o provided leadership to three Soldiers to provide base security for Camp Stevenson; kept it secured around the clock

o qualified himself on the operations of the towers while assigned to BDOC at FOB Dahlke; increased sniper skill set

o trained other Soldiers on the proper operation of the CROWS weapon system; improved safety and operational effectiveness

o provided strong and steady support by fire; aided the company's ability to maneuver on the objective

o trained multiple soldiers on the weapon system; multiplied section efficiency and readiness

o helped find and destroy enemy vehicles during NTC; key element in unit success

o instructed his peers on land navigation operations; his expansive knowledge of warrior tasks is reflected by a 100% pass rate within his team

o maintained discipline during 24-hour tower duty ops; example of proper use of infantry tactics and leadership

o revived the RQ-11 Raven program; increased readiness through early detection of threats within the area of operation utilizing the RQ-11

o trained unit on RQ-11 Raven operations; resulted in 13 Soldiers in the regiment becoming qualified Raven operators

o involved in NTC, Operation Atlantic Resolve, and Squad Live-Fire; led to the overwhelming success of Ghost Platoon

o mentored Soldiers continuously; increased Platoon capabilities and readiness for all tasks assigned

o trained 13 Moroccan allies in the setup, care, and operation of the M123 Hornet Unmanned Aerial Drone; maximized equipment program utility

o overcame operational confusion when an obstacle was misidentified as a minefield; adjusted quickly and successfully mechanically breached the wire obstacle while taking Indirect Fire

o led a MICLIC team during breach missions supporting TF Rifle; demonstrated outstanding technical knowledge, skill, and leadership ability as a field appointed team leader

o performed in sync with the team during the Fox Troop Shoot House; played a vital role in his team being certified to conduct day and night Urban Operations training

o provided overwatch with a Stryker mounted CROWS 50 caliber; saved the lives of 1-3 and HQ section

o engaged multiple enemy in close proximity to friendly forces resulting in 5 EKIA and zero friendly wounded or killed; proven weapons system mastery

o conducted over 30 tactical missions in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel; contributed to the safety and effectiveness of Operation Detachment Alpha 7134

o served as an Infantry Rifleman and conducted multiple live fire training certifications and two rotations to NTC; indispensable factor in the team's overall success

o executed combat commands as a rifleman under stressful combat conditions throughout the duration of the current rotation; contributed to the team's overall success

o identified enemy fire control locations within the I Corp demilitarized zone (DMZ) and developed and implemented LRRP team procedures to seek out and suppress enemy fire

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