Intel NCOER Bullets

o meticulously prepared 37 comprehensive pre-mission briefs, ensuring optimal preparedness for 9 ISR exercises

o led a 19-member Cryptologic Cyber Analysis Team; enabled 133 sensitive missions and ensured the fidelity and production of 212 cyber intelligence reports

o coordinated with 6 local combatant commands to grant their leadership access to USSOUTHCOM's daily intelligence reports and collection; improved and streamlined interoperation

o assisted in the assessment and evaluation of Intelligence Information Reports, resulting in 88 completed and published reports

o attended 91 meetings with Regional Narcotics Interagency Fusion Cell serving as a liaison for the IET to convey our operational readiness with RNIFC staff

o aided in the management of source files, resulting in organizational preparedness for an inspection conducted by CENTCOM

o maintained two Intelligence Fusion Servers; multiplied combat effectiveness and facilitated timely reporting of critical information to Commanders

o supervised and ensured the completion of more than 1100 System Authorization Access Requests (SAAR) supporting the 1st Battalion of 145th Armored Regiment while in Kuwait

o served as JPAS SME; proficiency and critical thinking skills were instrumental to the success of the Battalion's missions within the USCENTCOM AOR

o maintained accountability of over $5 million in equipment in support of WFX 20-04 and Defender 20; aided immeasurably in 1st Calvary Division's readiness and preparation

o interpreted intel enhanced imagery; enhanced the effectiveness of the MD Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination Team

o integrated GEOINT in Multi Domain Task Force Intelligence; multiplied intel capability and preparedness

o coordinated with WFS13 Palawan, SMART Communications; expanded range, provided communication in remote areas for first time ever

o completed a 12-hour Biometrics Automated Toolset/HIIDE Training course; ensured A TRP was fully prepared for detainee and local national enrollments

o processed over sixty periodic reinvestigations for secret clearances; protected sensitive information and reduced process wait by 60 days

o assisted in multiple initial command inspections throughout the battalion; improved the units' overall physical security

o served as NCOIC for a joint Hard Target Cell (HTC); developed products that assisted in mission planning and delivered nine task completions that provided sound assessments

o planned and executed a successful IWQ with zero safety incidents and qualified over 150 Soldiers; exceeded Soldier requirements

o served as the FUOPS officer for the 71st EMIB during Operation Talon Strike; evaluated success of coordination and planned for future deployments

o stepped in as the CUOPS officer when more experienced officers faltered; kept chain of command informed and sustained operations under difficult conditions

o briefed the OIC, BDE Commander, and BDE leadership regularly; candid, timely reports facilitated rapid crisis resolution and overcame obstacles

o supported HVT human intelligence gathering and dissemination; enabled effective Counterintelligence Analysis and cleared insurgency stronghold in Kabul Province

o processed over 45,000 records of telephone tolls in suppport of an active DEA case; his dedication to duty was a key factor in the success of the law enforcement investigation

o integrated over 1,000 joint personnel and civilians in Intel operations; established first KFOR intel SOPs directing all intelligence activities

o oversaw the creation of over 100 analog intelligence products; provided troops with the level of fidelity necessary to plan their operations

o assisted the integration of TF Blue Watch personnel with TF Southwest; supported the identification of insider threats within the JOA

o served in the Brigade S2 targeting cell during Panther Strike; rapidly developed targeting packets on short notice; an invaluable asset during the high tempo exercise

o reviewed three time sensitive and high value targets; made timely decisions which led to the capture of all three targets

o researched search and rescue operations within 5 miles of the NBZ; delivered two viable rescue options, led to successful operation

o served as HCT team leader during the 504th MI BDE deployment to Afghanistan; ensured soldiers understood their responsibilities and enhanced readiness

o coordinated a plan to execute mission essential SCIF renovations valued at $50,000; obtained facility accreditation for TS-SCI

o developed a plan to ensure that proper security protocol was followed; improved the physical security of 42 arms rooms and three additional secured rooms in the Brigade

o created new BDE Personnel and Physical Security programs; mitigated insider threat and resulted in zero serious violations

o developed the threat briefs for the Battalion's Iron Blitz Field Training Exercise; played a vital role in the battalion's success

o analyzed and effectively distributed intelligence information; ensured our forces were situationally aware and always prepared

o supported the Cougar Reach mission; knowledge of the AOR and equipment capabilities aided immeasurably in the exploitation of over 200 insurgent communications

o supported BN staff during the Military Decision Making Process; enabled effective and timely planning for Ramagen Ready

o operated beyond his rank and position by supporting all staff roles during MDMP; indispensable factor in the decision making process for Ramagen Ready

o developed Syfon Warriors' analytical capabilities and improved team organization; generated over 300 high quality products to support both PACOM and CENTCOM

o led a 6-man team in the processing, exploitation, and dissemination of insurgent communications; resulted in XX enemies killed in action

o monitored, translated and disseminated intercepted insurgent communications; prevented the execution of over 90 enemy offensive operations

o provided consistent, accurate research and analysis for Joint Force Commanders; facilitated rapid, critical decision making

o conducted multiple Source Meets and produced numerous Intelligence Information Reports; provided knowledgeable responses to TF Gunner's and TF Ready First's Priority Intelligence Requirements

o supported the Joint Debriefing Team, Bagram Air Field; gained significant intel and ensured timely distribution of time sensitive reports to the warfighters

o demonstrated a knowledge of combat operations; provided TF Commanders with an elevated sense of situational awareness and made him an indispensable MI asset

o oversaw and ensured the timely completion of 229th MI BN UMC administrative duties; reduced movement problems by 25%

o produced numerous products in support of theater level training as mission manager; improved training for incoming service members

o developed a variety of training aids in support of SMO 1 and the ATCAE; made positive impact on overall mission success

o planned the first-ever virtual Annual Training for the 3100 SIG; met training requirements despite limitations caused by COVID

o organized and directed 14 days of intelligence training for over 40 PAX across two detachments; expanded analysis capabilities by 50%

o coordinated with six ARISC instructors for course content; ensured their content was accurate, complete and customized to a virtual setting

o organized virtual training rooms chronologically; allowed Soldiers to conduct practical exercises for the different courses in a seamless fashion

o researched enemy tactics, equipment and capabilities; developed fighter products to equip the troops at the lowest level

o provided expert guidance for five Soldiers; trained them in intelligence operations to a level of proficiency that exceeded requirements

o conducted HUMINT operations that generated actionable intel information; filled or addressed critical ARSOUTH intelligence requirements on at least 13 occasions

o cataloged over 1,500 second-phase imagery reports and over 500 imagery derived products; helped CENTCOM stay current on TBM garrison forces and their disposition

o created 19 facility target folders; provided orderly and foundational intelligence in direct support of CENTCOM targeting operations

o oversaw logistics for Taiwan Immersion: coordinated with the ILO and 13 students to ensure all required travel tasks were completed

o established SOP for Taiwan Immersion; consolidated tasks such as passports, vaccinations, security briefings, trainings for foreign travel; eliminated travel problems

o enforced DLI policies daily during Taiwan Immersion; maintained a productive immersion experience for students and ensured students' safety

o created 13 IPB products; expanded warfighting function and capabilities by creating the COP of the battlefield

o coordinated ISR assets within our AO; provided 40 hours of Full Motion Video feed which aided the S2 in successful FIRES missions

o trained units in IED detection, emplacement, aiming and timing of IEDs; instilled vigilance and improved mission readiness

o set up ACP communications; enabled effective communication between Human Intelligence Collection Teams and Company TOC

o performed her duties in the Battalion S2 shop; helped over 500 Soldiers maintain their security clearances to ensure unit readiness

o enrolled in and completed All-Source Production Course 1 (ASPC1); earned grade of 100% and contributed greatly to the Section's success

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