Logistics NCOER Bullets

Joint Logistics NCOIC

o invested enormous effort in establishing relationships with Soldier support agencies; improved Soldier support exponentially

o fully supports the Army SHARP/EO programs and fosters an environment free of harassment; deeply respected by every Soldier, NCO, and officer

o excelled as the acting SFJ SGM for two months; ensured three sites were in compliance with organizational procedures and goals

o administered, processed $2.4M of logistics and humanitarian assistance; sustained life for seven OGA locations and 191 refugees

o guest instructor for kickboxing and MMA at two gyms in Amman; facilitated personnel integration

o oversaw the execution of six contracts valued at over $3.5 million; supported over 100 SOF personnel across Jordan

o instructed FARP training to ESOS for 21 foreign special operations aircraft; resulted in three successful real world recon missions

o coordinated with senior ARFOR-J leaders to develop and a implement a $1.2M logistical plan to retrofit nine aging facilities; sustained operations

o hand selected representative from SFJ to work directly with US Embassy Israel for the recovery of two downed vehicles

o executed duties as the PJ during Eager Lion 18; successfully jumping 42 Jordanian Special Forces and 26 US SOF Soldiers

o spearheaded scenario-based team building exercises for 57 JORSOF NCOs; enhanced professional development

o facilitated the issuing of 11 repair parts worth 6.6k in support of Operations on Fort Simba; restored vital defensive ability

o ordered, tracked, and recuperated 123 logistical requisitions valued at 66K; sustained operations while remaining under budget

o established a Land Usage Agreement with the Government of Jordan; obtained and guaranteed U.S. ability to use 79 sq miles for training

o developed two contract packages totaling $2.7 million for mission critical support for two austere contingency locations

o reviewed and approved over 273 APACS clearance requests; recognized by the Chargé d'Affaires, US Embassy Amman, for establishing a logistical relationship with JORSOF

o managed the procurement of over $3 million of equipment and supplies to fulfill requirements for four JCETs and two MSOTs

o provided support for US Special Operation Forces during the Eager Lion 18 bilateral military exercises at KASOTCF; facilitated foreign participation

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