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Sergeant Deitrich took initiative in leading and providing guidance to his fellow Soldiers by formulating a battle rhythm for the 561st to maintain an organized and efficient work flow and routine to make the 561st RSG mission successful during Operation Defender 2020. SGT Deitrich's ability to establish a relationship with the Polish Army was vital for not only the 561st RSG but also for Operation Defender 2020. His achievement in growing these relationships allowed the United States Army to operate a functioning Logistical Sustaining Area on a Polish base, expand our logistics footprint and improve the working relationship with U.S. allies and the 561st RSG.

Supply Technician

From August 2019 through February 2022, Mr. Crowley, Chad C. performed above and beyond during his tenure serving as a Supply Technician for the Installation Material Management Branch. Mr. Crowley's extraordinary knowledge and up to date situational awareness of the Safety and Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) was absolutely outstanding. His overall work ethic and drive to overcome all obstacles to accomplish any mission that was assigned to him is an example to his peers.

Deputy Director, Joint Logistics Directorate

Successfully completed an overseas deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), serving as the Deputy Director of a Joint Logistics Directorate. In this capacity he was responsible for day-to-day management of logistical support to a Joint Task Force conducting operations in a high tempo and extremely high stressed environment. This included daily operational needs, strategic mobility functions of the JTF, land-based transportation, fuel supply operations, property book management for 2200 military and civilian personnel from all five branches, primary hand receipt validation and verification, housing operations and general supply support.

Logistics Management Specialist

Outstanding achievement as Logistics Management Specialist from 25 April 2019 through 13 October 2020. During this period, Mr. Oates provided excellent customer service when he temporarily took over as the Primary Lead for all FedEx and Freight shipments. Mr. Oates supported all the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Directorates to ensure over 400 shipping requests were prepared, processed, and shipped in a timely manner. In addition, he performed all his regular duties in support of the Equipment Management Office in an outstanding manner. Mr. Oates worked tirelessly to learn new procedures and processed paperwork to ensure there was no loss of service in supporting the ARL customer mission. Mr. Oates' extraordinary efforts and accomplishments during this period reflect credit upon himself, the U.S. Army Forces Command and the United States Army.

Assisted in upgrading Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay (JTF GTMO) Housing Operations. Avoided purchasing additional housing by using existing housing on the island, saving over 11 million dollars.

Improved customer service and maintenance coverage by over 40 percent by changing the contractor used for minor maintenance. His actions produced a projected savings of over 6 million dollars over a five-year period.

As the Director of Public Works at Camp San Luis Obispo, was tasked with refurbishing the installation to meet current California Building Standards for all utilities. He managed the upgrade of the electrical grid, gas and water distribution and installed a fiber-optics backplane to support operations at the facility, exceeding all requirements.

Was instrumental in upgrading the training ranges to provide a more meaningful training experience to service members using the facility.

Managed the 40th ID Sustainment Cell during the demanding and critical Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) Warfighter Exercise (WFX) at FT Leavenworth, KS. He successfully managed all tasks and ensured 100% timely completion with impeccable quality analysis and quality control.

WO1 Hastings was hand selected as a logistical expert to plan, coordinate, train, and execute a meticulous plan to transition two of the four Battalion legacy logistical sections to accommodate the ARSOF 2022 image. He orchestrated lateral transfers of 6,778 pieces of equipment and rolling stock valued at 9,744,345 dollars.

As Rations Worklead, Sergeant Young contributed to the effectiveness and success of the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing. He distributed $50,000 worth of food rations to the Alpha Battery 1-62 ADA BN team while simultaneously managing a $1.5M inventory. In addition, Sergeant Young facilitated the $120,000 water program by delivering 150,000 cases of water, 2,200 pallets, adding up to $1.7M sales cost for six months across the base.

SSG Doe was instrumental in ordering and tracking all aircraft parts for the Southern Command Post (SCP). His tireless work ethic and attention to detail were key in maintaining parts for 11 aircraft. His efficiency in managing resources was evident by his improvement of the process by which parts are ordered. His extensive interaction within Camp Bondsteel and 21st TSC ensured aircraft parts were ordered and tracked in a timely and efficient manner.

Throughout the deployment to Kosovo, SSG Doe distinguished himself through unwavering dedication to the mission. He maintained over 900 lines of back shops' bench stock supply. In addition, he was in charge of over $330,000 worth of repair parts which he meticulously tracked using the Unit Level Logistics System - Aviation (ULLS-A) and Federal Logistics data. He personally ensured 460 items of excess ACFT parts were turned-in.

SSG Doe's dedication to duty, motivation, and military bearing earned him the reputation as one of the most dependable Team Leaders in the 529th Military Police Company Honor Guard. SSG Doe displayed tremendous devotion to Soldiers by volunteering countless hours of his personal time and applying his vast knowledge in weapons and physical training. Under his tutelage, 17 Soldiers in the platoon fired first time "Go" on the M4 and M9 weapons system and his squad APFT average was raised by 25 points.

SPC John Brown worked countless hours in preparation for the annual CSDP inspection. SPC Brown led by example and demonstrated a relentless commitment by engaging his subordinates and conducting all available pre-inspection checklists to ensure the inspection was a success and in accordance with regulations.

SPC John Brown was put in charge of unit SITEPs, managing the barracks utilization reports, and work orders for the housing office. He also in- and out-processed soldiers for the whole Brigade using the EMH system. He also created binders to organize all reports and a work order template on the unit shared drive that was adopted for daily use. This streamlined operations and reduced delays.

SPC John Brown was responsible for collecting the GSA Vehicle dispatches. In the absence of the GSA Fleet Manager responsible for the GSA vehicles, SPC Brown greatly improved the quality of work, the credibility of the section, and the success in collecting dispatches. He also developed an OI that is still being used to accomplish the mission.

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