Master Resilience Trainer (MRT) NCOER Bullets

o conducted over 50 hours of resiliency training, as the company MRT, to 76 DACs and NCOs; resulted in a more mature and composed work environment

o conversant Master Trainer; provided 40 hours of MRT to 70 Soldiers and certified 44 Soldiers on HEAT and call for fire

o selected over 516 qualified MRTs by the FT Gordon MRT Director to provided 32 total hours of In Processing Resiliency training to 565 Soldiers

o attended Foundation Instructor Facilitator Phase 1 And 2, Small Group Instructor Training Course, and Resilience Trainer Assistant Course; set the example for peers to emulate

o provided a holistic fitness program for Soldiers, family members, and DA civilians that enhanced resilience

o built resilience by developing critical thinking skills that will increase core competencies: optimism, mental agility, self-regulation, self awareness, strengths of character and connection

o reinforced endurance and ablility to respond to exceptional challenges

o his thorough knowledge of the Army's Master Resilience Program allowed him to effectively integrate resilience training into daily operations at the Detention Facility In Parwan (DFIP) military guard force

o his regular emphasis on resilience training has positively affected the guard force members' ability to accomplish their mission through stress control

o SM showed extraordinary resilience and a desire not only to learn his job but to assist his peers in learning as well

o reduced reluctance to seek help with medical or mental problems through education

o prepared Soldiers for difficulties they may encounter during or after redployment and helped manage realistic and unrealistic expectations

o produced strong leaders capable of passing on proven resilience skills to their teams in order to enhance their performance and increase their resiliency, both individually and collectively

o developed a 6-month PT plan for soldiers to implement as the new PT program for the Medical Co.

o devoted days to creating and modifying a fitness plan that would accommodate everyone's abilities

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