Resiliency Award Examples

Meritorious service while serving as Motor NCOIC, HHC, 46th Military Police Command, while deployed to Detention Facility In Parwan (DFIP) from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. Staff Sergeant Ricky Bobby's dedication to duty, superb organizational skills, and thorough knowledge of the Army's Master Resilience Program allowed him to effectively manage and assist in the incorportation of Resilience Training for the DFIP military guard force. His attention to detail and direct involvement with the Resilience Training has improved the guard force members' ability to accomplish their mission through stress control techniques and reduced manning shortfalls due to anxiety and stress by 40 percent. Staff Sergeant Bobby's outstanding achievement and devotion to duty reflect favorably on himself, the 46th Military Police Command, the Michigan Army National Guard and the United States Army.

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