Material Management NCO NCOER Examples

o single-handedly analyzed and corrected the deficiencies of over 1,700 empty gas cylinders; enabled their processing and shipment out of KAF

o scrubbed and reconciled records; accomplished 100% correlation between the Army Materiel Status System (AMSS) and SAMS-1E and PBUSE; first time in five years

o monitored and supervised the maintenance of the theatre Training Equipment Set; the ORR never fell below 95% operability

o reorganized the facility, turned in over 3 million dollars worth of theater provided equipment (TPE) and AMCOM property (TEP); enhanced logistics visibilty

o selected by the Command Sergeant Major to serve in the Brigade Support Operations; helped to improve the Standard Army Retail Supply Systems

o conducted monthly PBUSE to SAMS1-E scrubs until all equipment administrative data matched; led the Support Battalion in consistent error-free reporting

o assisted the joint distribution center with container management operations; tracked and submitted TMRs for over 1,000 retrogrades ISO Camp Bucca

o advised the Medical Supply Officer on requesting, receiving and disseminating Medical Chemical Defense Materiel in preparation for deployment

o established a unique intra-theatre transit of CLV III; ensured rapid distribution and delivery of critical life-saving products

o took ownership of the company equipment dispatching process to adhere to all BN safety and procedural requirements; improved operational continuity

o managed over 300 work orders on special operations weapons, specialized electronic radio systems, and light wheeled vehicles; agile combat support!

o implemented strict access control of the Class 1 warehouse; increased inventory accuracy and reduced losses by 50% in less than 30 days

o managed the receipt, storage and distribution of class I, II, III (packaged), IV and IX materiel to over 700 customers within the Sustainment Brigade's area of operation

o supervised the retrograde of recoverable items; preparation improved accuracy and reduced shipping delays by 75%

o developed and implemented the release strategy for 700 supported customers in USARHAW; optimized resource use and scheduling

o oversaw Division supply operations during reception, staging, and onward movement operation in support of deployment to Konotop barracks in Poland

o provided essential information and standard operational procedures for all units upon arrival; ensured an orderly transition into the operational environment

o ordered over $1,100,000 worth of supplies and equipment; ensured Team Renegade maintenance readiness and mission success

o expert SAMS-E operator; helped identify and solve software errors; prevented the impairment of motor pool operations and mission execution

o tracked Battalion periodic uploads and downloads of maintenance and supply transactions of class I, II, III, IV, VIII, and IX; facilitated accuracy

o saved the Task Force over $40,000 over 13 months on the CLIX budget through judicious use of the Parts Accountability and Fort Campbell Free Issue Team

o maintained an immaculate filing system with zero deficiencies to organize the battalion's service data on all equipment; received accolades from the inspection team

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