Material Management NCO Duty Descriptions

Materiel Management NCO
Serves as the Materiel Management NCO for all 25th Infantry Division tactical SSA; responsible for managing and directing the receipt, storage and distribution of class I, II, III (packaged), IV and IX materiel to over 800 customers within the Sustainment Brigade's area of operation; monitors the funding process through ZPARK; conducts retrograde of recoverable items and processes the release strategy for 800 supported customers in USARHAW; responsible for the counseling, training and development of two NCOs and three Soldiers.

Material Management NCO
Serves as the Material Management NCO for the 4th Infantry Division's Class I, II, IIIP, and IX distribution yard; ensures all classes of supplies are distributed and transported to their destination in a timely manner; supports the management and oversight of the Class I warehouse; oversees the security and operation of the Task Force Iron Horse Logistical Distribution Center; supervises the Class I, II, IIIP, and IX Distribution Center; serves as the senior Logistical NCO when advance parties are necessary.

Material Management NCO
Serves as Material Management NCO; supervises a Supply Support Activity (SSA) platoon in all aspects of army warehousing; responsible for multi-class, II, IIP, IV and IX SSA; enforces daily accountability of over 1,600 ATF (Authorized to-Forcast) lines valued at over $2 million; provides logistical support to 356 divisional and non-divisional units; supervises daily transaction process of inbound and outbound shipments; optimizes use of limited resources to achieve logistical objectives; responsible for the supervision, training, and welfare of five NCOs and 22 Soldiers.

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