MOS 00- MOS Immaterial NCOER Examples

00F20/Range Operations NCO

o lauded by CSM for efficient operations, from scheduling to ammunition pick up to operations and safety

o ensured range was in compliance with all safety and range regulations

o served as NCOIC for Battallion 9mm Range; ensured 100% qualification rate at range over two years

o instructed common task training classes for all 140 members of the mobilized 339th Military Police Company

o arranged the transportation of over 40,000 rounds to and from the range Jul - Dec 2014

o kept all 333 target systems operational, supported the training of 32 units and over 30,000 Soldiers

o identified uncleared loaded weapon behind firing line; prevented injuries or death

o served as Range NCOIC for one M249 Range and two M4 Ranges; produced 44 Soldiers qualified and trained on weapon systems

o prepared five NCOs to instruct company-level training on Range Cards, M240, and M4; multiplied training capacity, 49 Soldiers and NCOs prepared for BN validation exercise

o maintained 100% accountability for over $35,000 worth of CBRN equipment with no losses

o qualified 120 Soldiers within the 100th Chemical Regiment

o coordinated and reserved over a dozen ranges for weapons qualification, both during WTXs and semiannual training

00G20/Asst Processing NCO

o inprocessed over 100 PSYOP and Civil Affairs students and staff

o developed and implemented new procedures to streamline the administrative inprocessing for future ARPRINT missions

o provided transportation to and from the South Fort Hood training site, Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP), medical appointments and numerous validation training requirements for over 200 103d ESC Soldiers

o aided new incoming Soldiers by welcoming and guiding them to the proper in-processing procedures

o developed and conducted in-processing briefing for newly arrived soldiers

o oversaw daily operations by processing clients, scheduling events and performing maintenance checks on the facility

00G4O/Observer Controller/Trainer (OC/T)

o developed realistic Complex Attack scenario for an IED Event by using coordinated tactics

o coordinated operation orders, vehicles, ammunition, radio communications, training scenarios and After Action Reviews for STX

o delivered tough, realistic training unsurpassed by other OC/T's during the WAREX

00F3X/RSP Instructor

o devoted hundreds of hours ensuring all RSP Soldiers received required guidance; maintained a 99% Ship Rate

o served as RSP GED Cadre; rescued 10 soldiers that would have been disqualified due to education

o GED class made 100% educational gains, 100% of class passed their GED test; first time in two and a half years

o instilled the discipline needed to advance as Soldiers


o assisted 25 team members during her off time complete their DTS

o performed duties of UPL for Charlie Team with no incidences and 100 percent contact

o used down time to train to become a successful instructor

o worked over 40 hours of his own time to assist the supply SGT to ensure uniforms were ordered and distributed

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