MOS 00, MOS Immaterial Awards

00F (MOS Immaterial) Trainer/ Facilitator/ Writer

Staff Sergeant Kenny's outstanding leadership, professional skill, and devotion to duty have been invaluable. His ceaseless efforts in the development and implementation of training programs and materials have streamlined and revolutionized the Army Combative Instruction programs. Staff Sergeant Kenny's effectiveness as an instructor and unwavering dedication to those under his command were major factors in his success and earned him the loyalty, respect, and gratitude of all who had the honor of serving alongside him.

For outstanding achievement during drivers training at the Red River Army in June 2015. SGT Adams' unrelenting efforts to effectively train the soldiers of the 736th CRC drove the class forward through progressive learning, highly technical instruction, and tactical intelligence. SGT Adams has demonstrated a level of professionalism that has contributed immeasurably to the mission of the 36th sustainment brigade. The accomplishments of SGT Adams bring great credit upon himself, the 736th CRC, and the United States Army.

Through SGT Jules' professionalism and expertise he taught the Basic Combatives Course to thirty Soldiers within the U.S. Army Reserve Units in the Buffalo, NY region. His efforts resulted in 30 successful graduates of the Basic Combatives Course. SGT Jules' devotion to duty and selfless service was inspiring as he worked outside of his MOS as a Combatives Instructor. He provided exhaustive assistance to students during after duty hours to ensure that all soldiers were able to pass the final test. His enthusiasm facilitated a highly motivated class and a consistently high level of esprit de corps.

SGT Mako's remarkable leadership abilities and skilled performance as 1st Squad Leader resulted in the Top Performance in Charlie Company's annual Training at Camp Bowie. While fulfilling duties normally assigned to an E-7, SGT Mako's superior performance on STX Lane Evaluations resulted in excellent execution by all squad members in the completion of the squad attack, ambush, react to contact, and react to near ambush missions. The accomplishments of SGT Mako bring great credit upon himself, the 2-142, and the United States Army.

00G (MOS Immaterial) Intructor/ Facilitator/ Trainer

For outstanding achievement as Instructor, 6th Battalion (military intelligence), while training and becoming certified in the command. On arrival, SSG Ellyson was immediately recognized for his leadership abilities in preparing and training the unit in mandatory training missions. His actions as the range safety officer brought the unit to a 100% completion rate for the first time in 3 years. The accomplishments of Ellyson bring great credit upon himself, the 6th Battalion, and the United States Army.

As the Senior Motorcycle Mentor, SSG Haines' tireless devotion to the safety and well being of all service members assigned to HHC CASCOM was unprecedented. Passionate about motorcycle safety, he educated all motorcycle riders on the dangers of operating a motorcycle and trained them in safe riding techniques. After the reinstatement of the CASCOM Motorcycle Mentorship Program, motorcycle accidents declined until they reached zero over the last 12 months. The distinctive accomplishments of SSG Haines bring great credit upon himself, HHC CASCOM and the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command.

For meritorious service in leading, planning and training of the FST for several FTXs and an EXEVAL, resulting in our FST demonstating noticeable improvement in several critical areas for the period Apr 2012 to May 2014. SFC Hermes distinguished himself by developing a spreadsheet, adopted by the FST Commander, to track and improve detachment training . As a result of SFC Hermes' efforts, all of his soldiers are WLT-qualified and are Expert Marksman, 5 earned the EFMB and 3 are Sharpshooters. SFC Hermes' devotion to duty, perseverance, and exemplary performance reflect great credit upon himself, the 67th CSH, and the united States Army.

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