MOS 09L Interpreter Translator NCOER Examples

o completed all mandatory training ahead of schedule and integrated seamlessly into the PACCE staff; efforts were critical to the success of this mission

o established rapport with host nation staff quickly; facilitated positive relations and had a extremely productive impact on this mission

o set up and operated the AN-PRD 13 Basic Radio Detection Finding (RDF) System; intercepted enemy transmissions and directly aided in the success of the mission

o established communications on multiple systems while in garrison, at NTC, and while deployed to Korea; strengthened both field and communication exercise capabilities

o translated programs of instruction for small unit operations and short-range marksmanship; resulted in over 40 Soldiers trained

o completed all assigned interpreter missions successfully

o deployed on short notice and joined Task Force and transitioned into his role as interpreter

o dedicated personal, off-duty time to instruct Soldiers in local language skills; improved relations with populace

o supported four different team's interactions with a variety of countries in the Gulf of Guinea; facilitated productive engagements

o his presence and understanding of the language helped develop a rapport with local personnel during military engagements in Cote D'Ivoire and Ghana

o improved and streamlined communications and developing relationships between the host nation's military and the U.S. Army

o provided 20 hours of interpretation service in Cote D'Ivoire and in Ghana for the Boat Maintenance team; integrated and focused repair actions

o integrated host nation and U.S. efforts in the repair of three small boats in Cote D'Ivoire and two Honda 225 outboard motors in Ghana

o served as an RTO for Task Force Shield and Team MOI and monitored radio traffic, Blue Force Tracker, and mIRC transmissions for over 250 combat and logistics patrols

o ensured that maneuver forces had timely, relevant, and accurate information on insurgent activities in the Brigade Area of Responsibility

o provided up to the minute information to Warfighters and was instrumental to the 105th MP Co. completing its mission, contributing to a more stable Iraqi Government

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