MOS 09L Interpreter/Translator DA 638 Examples

Successfully completed all assigned interpreter missions

Joined Task Force on short notice and seamlessly began supporting operations

Dedicated personal time to instruct fellow Soldiers in common local language phrases

Overcame late arrival to the task force, completed all mandatory training and quickly assimilated; a seamless transition to the PACCE staff

His professionalism and ability were critical to the success of this mission

Established rapport with the host nation staff which increased interaction and productivity

o Carter distinguished himself by his exceptional conduct in transporting over 50 tons of ammunition and other class VII supplies as a Motor Transport Operator during the Yakima Training Center Japanese CALFEX exercise in September 2010. His unwavering skill significantly contributed to the success of his unit's mission. His dedication and contribution to the success of the mission received praise from the Japanese General.

o went above and beyond the call of duty by staying after duty hours to help with aircraft and hanger cleaning and set up for a Company Memorial Service. His attention to detail made for all minor details being fulfilled and for the Memorial starting at the correct time. Without his willingness to stay and finish the tasks the Service would have been delayed.

While serving as an RTO for Task Force Shield & Team MOI, PV2 Snuffy monitored radio traffic, blue force tracker & mIRC transmissions for over 250 combat & logistics patrols.

He distinguished himself by ensuring that maneuver forces had timely and accurate information on insurgent activities in the Brigade Area of Responsibility.

PV2 Snuffy's diligence in providing up to the minute information to Warfighters was instrumental to the 105th MP Co. completing its mission, contributing to a more stable Iraqi Government.

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