Infantryman NCOER Bullets


o ensured MILES gear was up to standard and worked efficiently on all BFVs; contributed to the Battalion's overall lethality and combat expertise

o successfully completed numerous platoon and squad live fires; positively impacted 3rd platoon and Apache company's ability to maneuver

o NCO billet held with command of all serialized gear required for storage in all vehicles

o executed, without supervision, effective combat support; obtained critical information that led to the capture of numerous insurgents

o completed all duties assigned to standard, from tower sentry, to ECP duties, to daily duties at both South Camp and OP 3-2, despite lack of materiel and personnel support

o protected squad by volunteering to clear multiple caves within Alexander Hill; facilitated construction of fixed Observation Post

o demonstrated ability to adapt to diverse situations by completing lanes with the Columbian contingent during team level movement training

o cross-trained his squad on what he learned from training with the Colombians; coached his squad to out-perform all others during live fire

o took charge in the absence of leadership after landing during a night jump; established the ADAG Team and developed teamwork and initiative in subordinates

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SAW Gunner

o trained an entire platoon on basic MOUT and CQB operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom Philippines

o demonstrated leadership ability by taking charge of the Charlie Team Leader position during the Brigade's rotation to the JRTC

o demonstrated versatility while preparing for, and during Apache Company's 7-day Eagle Flight live fire exercise

o with no notice, transitioned from a grenadier position into a M249 SAW gunner position

o qualified with a score of nine out of eleven during the day and ten out of eleven during the night with the M249

o transferred to the JRTC assaulting fire team, performed SAW gunner duties at a level above his time assigned to this duty position

o deployed to camp Buehring Kuwait in support of Operation Spartan Shield

o executed his duties as M249 SAW gunner with tenacity and adaptability during JRTC with little preparation

o mastered the skills needed as M249 gunner despite arriving at JRTC the previous day

o demonstrated Soldiering ability and contributed greatly to 2nd Platoon's successful completion of all lanes and scenarios

o exceeded standards while carrying the 16.4 pound weapons system during training, to include a 12 mile march, during which he carried the M249

o supported rotations to NTC, PTA, and completed a 13 month deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom

o led team in the successful capture of the city of Janan in MOPP level 3

Placing a claymore mine

Sniper Section Leader

o selected by the BN CSM to stand up the BN's Scout Sniper Section

o taught and demonstrated room clearing techniques to his soldiers and the Malaysian Army's 5th Royal Ranger Regiment during Keris Strike

o broke company's unofficial record utilizing the M-24 and successfully engaging a target

o completed the 1,500 Meter Engagement Course Class 02-12

o earned placement on the Division Commander's List as Long Distance Precision Shooter with Honors

o taught and assisted other soldiers at the range in improving their overall marksmanship; improved accuracy at greater distances and shot groupings

o coached subordinates on the complexities of precision shooting

o engaged targets while maintaining communications with peers and unit, maintained situational awareness and team efficiency


o readied for and passed several arms room inspections

o signed for and maintained continuous accountability of over $1,000,000 worth of high-value equipment while serving as the HQ Troop's armorer

o assisted in training new soldiers on how to shoot, move and communicate to standard

o assisted 2nd squad in completing their part of the platoon LFX

o took part in a multi-agency ECP operation which included KBR, Navy Military Police, and QRF

o served as the point entry man continuously while clearing villages during Apache troop's MOUT operations

o demonstrated situational awareness and instincts; ensured his sectors of fire were covered and proper techniques were implemented

o helped prepare the Troop for a 11-month deployment to the ARCENT AOR in support of Operation Spartan Shield

o set the example for all other Soldiers to emulate at the Squadron's Soldier of the Month Board

o conducted over 50 dismounted patrols to discourage and counter IDF attacks

o stored and tracked sensitive items including the AUVIS, Back Scatter, Hand Scanners, radios, weapons and ammo

Battle Captain

o consistently performed duties above his pay grade

o maintained the Squadron Commander's situational awareness for future and past missions, combat vehicle, power and Personnel status

o relayed time-sensitive information between higher headquarters and the patrols in sector

o supervised and controlled the TF TOC; maintained C2, equipment, battle tracking and reporting processes

o maintained current and complete situational awareness of the battery's Area of Operation during more than 100 Advise and Assist missions

o conducted more than 10 Red Cross message actions and 5 squadron Red1 reports including one mass cas drill

Forward Observer

o sacrificed his time to make sure not only his own team members but all service members were safe on the land navigation course

o developed and implemented an effective fires plan during Operation; provided continuing guidance of soldiers through the successful completion of all events during the operation

o instilled the highest level of motivation within the 476th Fire Suppression Team; advanced Soldiers' professional growth by 50%

o managed the maintenance and service of three tactical vehicles from HHC; sustained operations despite lack of resources

o established a company-level tactical operations center (TOC); improved situational awareness and centralized management of deployed teams

Senior Sniper/Sniper Team Leader

o was meticulous in maintenance of assigned sniper weapon systems; logged accurate round count and ensured weapon deployment kits were consistently stocked

o broke an unofficial Bn record with the M-24 and successfully engaging a target

o completed the 1,500 Meter Engagement Course Class 08-10; qualified Long Distance Precision Shooter

o coached and assisted other soldiers at the range in improving their overall marksmanship

o built and maintained a small and large arms range at FOB Altiumr increasing combat effectiveness

o constructed small and large arms shooting area; recognized by Deputy CG CJTF-82, used by all agencies on FOB Shank including Czech Army

o assigned to the Battalion Tactical Operations Center (TOC) due to his experience and judgment

Weapons Squad Leader (light)

o was passionate toward the cross training of all Soldiers assigned to weapons squad, maximizing their adaptability and effectiveness

Operations Sergeant

o served as TF Ceasar's Operations Sergeant and provided S1, S2, S3, S4 and S6 support for Soldiers and contractors within TF Ceasar for both Regional Command South (RC-S) and Regional Command East (RC-E)

o contributed to the effectiveness and success of the Syke's Regulars Battalion during multiple predeployment training exercises, YTC rotations, and NTC rotations

o executed functions as coach and advisor in the role of BDE Battle Captain a professional and exemplary manner

o demonstrated tact and diplomacy during interactions with the 17th Brigade Royal Saudi Land Forces and positively influenced COIN operations from the company through Brigade operations level during Earnest Leader 2013

o delivered on-time and on-target services that improved Soldier readiness and quality of life and gave TF Ceasar leadership the ability to effectively manage the force

o task oriented and detail minded; completes assignments to the fullest while staying focused to make sound and thoughtful decisions

o served as Team Leader, Squad Leader and as Operations Sergeant for the BN on multiple combat deployments

Platoon Sergeant

o lead 50+ combat patrols and oversaw the maintenance and personnel management of the platoon

o prepared, trained, and deployed 20 Soldiers participating in the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) during Area One Antiterrorism Exercise resulting in recognition by the Garrison CSM

o spearheaded the Expert Infantrymen Badge committee for UNIT by coordinating all training, planning, resourcing and time to certify over 300 Soldiers in the BN for the EIB

o was one of only two Unit Prevention Leaders in the Batalion and conducted over 20 urinalysis inspections

o instructed Leadership on how to safely and efficiently perform the company mission of providing Convoy Escort Teams to escort civilian trucks from Camp Virginia, Kuwait to both Camp Cedar and Camp Adder, Iraq

o filled in for personnel unable to go on convoy escort missions due to illness, school, or injury; performed as Gunner and Truck Commander on numerous occasions

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Squad Leader

o stepped up from his current role as SL to PSG for the entiriety of OLE; the PLT met or exceeded all objectives

o supported cadet summer training ensuring the safety of all cadets during platoon tactics lanes in support of cadet summer training 2024

o wrote the company's standard operating procedures for combat logistic patrols

o selected to join the Battalion Tactical Operations Center (TOC) staff in order to help oversee deployments during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)

o learned the latest Command and Control (C2) tools during assignment to the TOC and shared knowledge with team to enhance capabilities

o trained 33 soldiers in the combat section on convoy procedures and convoy security which enabled the combat section to safely complete 22 combat logistic patrols

o assembled and trained an RSOP team; his expertise enabled rapid deployment to site and ensured Table VIII Gunnery will be successful

Team Leader

o set the example on how to utilize UAS resources as the Senior Drone Operator; contributed to preparations for Operation Trident Ready

o notionally cleared 13 rooms while conducting glass house operations in the parking lot by the company; resulting in no enemy Killed In Action (KIA)

o was selected as the best trainer for AWT training

o handled all radio communications while QRF operations outside the wire to insure that all the trucks and B Troops staff had situational awareness

o worked long selfless hours to insure that the operations center always had an NCO on duty

o prepared detailed orientation classes, increased safety of new arrivals

o found two caches, eliminated 55 rounds of UXO from enemy use, patrolled over 100km of hostile territory

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o provided over 3,200 hours of FAAD Operation time; provided security for a combined area and airspace of more than 9,000 Kilometers

o conducted 40 patrols as a Driver; filled a critical gap and facilitated operations across the brigade

o maintained operations of KuRFS system and Q50 Radar System; sustained defensive posture against drone attack

o served as SME for Nighthawk camera system; expanded protected area by 50% and facilitated improved security

o performed reconnaissance duties for scout platoon including sniper support and hummvee escort duties

o marshalled defense when convoy came under fire during escort mission, terminated threat, saved lives and allowed mission to continue

o evacuated his crew after hummvee was struck by an RPG, despite own injuries, addressed their injuries before his own

o diligent compliance with SOP and observation ensured no heat casualties for his team

o volunteered to work in the S-1 office while in the 2-8 CAV Rear Detachment, served as Human Resources Sergeant. Outstanding initiative.

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o constructed a field expedient antenna; enabled transmit and recieve from the Company at any location on KTA

o reached nine line MEDVAC when the ANP commander was shot; crucial to first aid

o called up SITREP during the joint mission with ANA when the Pl radio failed; prevented impending ambush

o responsible; on own initiative, learned, operated, maintained, and repaired all radio systems in 2nd platoon

o comm expert; ensured the platoon was always able to communicate with the Troop TOC

o his methodical planning and preparation was key to the success of 28 missions

o vigilant and focused; monitored the radio alone, without distractions, all night; ensured vital support to squad

o assumed the duties of RTO; learned the duties of RTO in addition to own responsibilities

o assisted the platoon's radio communication needs whenever needed

o identified radio comm problems during checkout for both mounted and dismounted missions; prevented comm failures

o selected to man the Battalion Tactical Operations Center

o set up the Command Group and Division Staff TOC and configured and maintained the TACSAT Radio

o set up and monitiored the GRIPS system for Swift Response 2015 in Baumholder and Hohenfels

o helped TOC Staff with mission during the Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) deployment

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Company Fusion Cell NCOIC

o ran a round the clock CFC that facilitated targeted offensive operations in Baghdad, Iraq during OIF 08-09

o developed an accurate picture of the Operational Environment that permitted the commander, in concert with Iraqi forces, to conduct effective operations against a determined enemy


o transitioned from a grenadier position to a qualified M249 SAW gunner position in less than 24 hours

o demonstrated competency and flexibility during Apache Company's 7-day Eagle Flight live fire exercises

o directly contributed to the success of the company's mission to seize objective Bronx during Operation Commando Rattlesnake

o went beyond his duty position as Grenadier to assist, learn and assume the platoon RTO in RTO duties

o qualified himself on RTO duties and assisted the platoon's radio communication requirements whenever needed

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o deployed to Balikitan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom Philippines

o provided security for tactical advise and assist teams in Afghanistan; became a trusted and competent asset

o worked numerous days supporting retrograde operations in the motor pool

o was an indispensable facet in securing an LZ in air assault operations and enabling the mission to go forward

o his fireteam was selected to train a platoon on basic MOUT and CQB operations due to their top performance in CQB

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o established an OPTEMPO SOP for the Mortar Platoon to provide indirect fire support on Guardian Angel missions

Bradley Fighting Vehicle Gunner

o was a key element of his crew as Bradley Gunner and achieved the highest qualification score ever during Bradley Qualification Table VI during AT, and earned 337th BEB Top Gun award

o shot distinguished with a score of 981 at A Company Gunnery; was also the top gun score

o earned his EIB and deployed in support of Operation New Dawn

o served as subject matter expert on the M1A2 Bradley fighting vehicle; trained new crews and ensured everyone was knowledgeable on the Bradley platform

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Fire Team Leader (FTL)

o directed a fireteam during the first one-life phase of the operation; ambushed an entire Blu-for squad and survived

o led a fireteam during the second phase of operation; destroyed an enemy Abrams tank and engaged enemy infantry squads in fierce defensive combat

o adjusted fire and tactics and successfully held back the front of enemy attack; delayed enemy operation for an hour and coordinated counterattack

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