MOS 13R/FA Firefinder Radar Operator NCOER Examples

13R Weapon Locating Radar Operator

o participated in Table XII certifications as a member of the Q50 section for Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie batteries

o tracked over 3,000 rounds for 6 OTR and 8 BTG missions at 80% accuracy; improved unit confidence in capabilities

Firefinder Radar Operator

o made major contributions to the effectiveness and success of the 75th Fires Brigade HHB Target Acquisition Platoon's Radar Certifications

o tracked over 80% of all artillery fired during live fire exercises

o helped ensure the Q36 radar remained in operation during the 2011 deployment

o trained the entire team on proper methods and strategies to lay the tactical site

o identified RADAR errors, diagnosed issue and repaired it in a timely manner

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