CMF 13 Artillery NCOER Bullets

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Unsorted CMF 13 Artillery NCOER Bullets

o created the products and certification requirements; established the gunner LPD standards for the Battalion

o reconstituted battery maintenance program; saved the unit $1,780 and decreased NMC time for 98 SORTS

o supervised and evaluated four ATOs to ensure 100% compliance with FORSCOM Anti-Terrorism requirements; expertly leading the Brigade Anti-Terrorism Program

o transferred accountability of over $212,000 in high value and classified tactical operations equipment with no losses identified during the inventory

o responsible for ensuring the Brigade's training ammunition was used in an efficient manner allowing the Brigade to complete the 7ID Integrated Training Strategy

o responsible for more than $3,500,000 worth of equipment as the section hand receipt holder; maintained 100% accountability of equipment without any losses

o selected as the sensitive item inventory officer for his attention to detail; inventoried 834 individual pieces of equipment across 12 separate areas within a timely manner

o made mission safety a top priority; ensured 100% completion of the Composite Risk Management Basic Course in the ADAM/BAE Cell

o trained his section on TAGs/AAGS integration; provided them with the knowledge of the overarching mission and how their tasks are nested within the joint environment

o used his knowledge and expertise to teach Soldiers on how to interpret the US Air Force ATO message format; which greatly prepared them for joint air operations

o taught his section how to implement the TAIS and provided airspace control at major PACOM exercises: Ulchi Focus Guardian-15 and Yama Sakura-69

o excelled while performing First Sergeant duties in his absence during a course of increased OPTEMO within the Battery and Brigade operations

o scored 281 on his Army Physical Fitness Test, set the example for Soldiers to emulate

o maintained focus and performed well in a fast paced environment; accomplished numerous critical tasks within several consolidated time-lines

o played a vital role as the Field Artillery BDE Battle NCO during combined exercise Talisman Sabre-15; showed tremendous diversity and talent aside from Aviation

o received a "Commendable" by improving the Brigade ASAP program by 84% as the Brigade Prevention Manager

o showed great understanding of staff operations through effective use of tasking, IPR management, and orders writing, publication, and implementation

o selected over seven other senior NCOs to preform duties as a Brigade Battle NCO during Ulchi Freedom Guardian 15 and Yama Sakura 69 achieving excellent results

o planned and coordinated movement of the Brigade TAC to YTC during 1-94 FAR's Battery Exeval, including serving as the BDE Ops NCO overseeing 48 rockets LFX

o selected by the BDE CMD group for induction in the Honorable Order of Saint Barbara for his competence as a leader and lifetime accomplishments in the FA

o took the lead as the NCOIC of the ASF for JBLM; responsible for coordinating with emergency services and ensuring Soldiers were ready within a two hour notice

o played a vital role in coordinating and organizing the BDE for both the BDE and DIV change of commands receiving outstanding comments from the DIV CSM

o served as a guest OC/T at JRTC and passed his knowledge and expertise on M777 FDC operations to C Battery 3-7 FA who had just transferred from the M119A3

o played a vital role in planning and executing a 72 hour Btry Exeval for 5-3 FAR, trained and mentored FDC personnel on platoon operations increasing their readiness

o trained and mentored two Battle Captains on the operation of ABCS during Talisman Sabre ensuring TOC operations and reporting were not compromised during the event

o maintained and ensured 100 percent accountability of the BDE S-3 hand receipt valued at over $3,000,000

o assisted in the coordination of the Brigade HQs redeployment from the CENTCOM AOR; made sure all property was received and accounted for upon its arrival

o emphasized safety in all training and live fire exercises; resulted in no injuries to personnel or damage equipment

o selected over 3 MSGs and 18 SFCs to serve as the BDE OPS NCO; maintained a steady flow of operations within the BDE and DIV achieving excellent results

o selected to organize the 7th ID NCO and Soldier of the Year competition Orienteering Course; received commendation from the Division CSM

o modernized the joint integration of HIMARS Long Range Communications Hot Panel raid during MLAT missions with 2/75 Ranger Regiment achieving superb results

o served as the HIMARS SME during a JFE exercise (CSA 38) for the Army Chief of Staff; ensured all safety concerns were adhered to and crews were operational ready

o provided knowledge and experience of M142 HIMARS operations during I Corps level WFX, offering weapons capabilities and limitations briefs to General Officers

o commended by the Western Regional Medical Commanding General while serving as the BDE color guard NCOIC during a Korean Veteran Memorial community event

o recognized by the Brigade Command Team for his professionalism during numerous static display for the senior leaders of the 7th Infantry Division

o conducted a capabilities display to the PACOM Commanding General on the capabilities and limitations of the M142 HIMARS receiving outstanding remarks

o developed and implemented an intensive HIMARS launcher certification program; standardizing the program across the brigade

o developed combat based scenario training for a battery external evaluation; utilized platoon STX lanes to assist in the preparation for a CENTCOM deployment

o utilized the HIMARS PM office to assist with Long Range communication training from two HIMARS BNs; resulted in excess of $10,000 cost savings from the Army

o provided oversight of over 70 M28A2 rockets ensuring two HIMARS battalions completed certification and qualification while serving as a brigade master gunner

o assigned over 125 Soldiers into the BMM program supporting Garrison Operations; significantly increased post services for Soldiers and Families

o equally distributed Division and Brigade Red Cycle to subordinate Battalions; ensured units were provided maximum time to plan and execute all essential tasks

o fostered a climate of dignity and respect through direct, daily interaction with BDE SHARP and EO NCOICs and was instrumental in disseminating that message

o coordinated numerous civilian ceremonies and community events, overseeing the certification of Brigade Color Guard to support over 20 events in and around JBLM

o established the Gate Guard BDE SOP resulting in over 140 personnel trained; reinforced BDE's force protection measures and procedures within garrison operations

o trained over 30 Soldiers from brigade staff sections to renovate and modernize the brigade tactical operations center, validating the brigade TOCSOP

o provided overwatch for 243 Soldier's deployment in a Fire Fighting humanitarian mission in support of the NIAFC in Northeastern Washington

o coordinated and managed over 260 Soldiers' participation in the Service member for Life Summit; ensured all transitioning Soldiers received vital employment information

o played a vital role overseeing all required maintenance and room assignments for 800 Soldiers living quarters; improved quality of life

o recognized and commended by I CORPS CG and Japan's Middle Army CG for superior performance and outstanding leadership during YS-69

o shared his knowledge and skill set with his subordinates; resulted in one JFO achieving distinguished honor graduate and one graduating in top 20% of Battle Staff

o designed and planned FIST certifications for the Brigade; ensured all Fire Support Soldiers and NCOs maintained certification and proficiency within their MOS

o constantly scores 90 points or above in each event on the Army Physical Fitness Test

o handled multiple requirements simultaneously in a continuously demanding environment displaying professionalism and integrity

o coordinated with multiple units throughout JBLM including DIVARTY, I CORPS, and 1st SF Group; ensured Soldiers received training in Fire Support tasks on all levels

o worked bilaterally with Japan's Middle Army while supporting 593rd ESC during Yama Sakura 69; commended for his professionalism and expertise

o developed, led and executed training for all Fire Support Soldiers within the Brigade in preparation for FIST certifications; resulted in 100% first time GO's

o instilled the desire to put forth maximum effort in missions and training; motivated Soldiers to take on tough missions and succeed; excellent hands-on trainer

o skilled in expressing requirements in innovative ways to reach multiple individuals; constantly seeking new ways to improve his team's basic soldiering and MOS skill set

o maintained 100% accountability and operational status of all assigned equipment valued in excess of 2.5 million dollars

o emphasized the importance of property accountability to his NCOs; ensured all knew the importance of individual responsibility and accountability

o emphasized risk management and safety throughout all Brigade exercises and certifications; resulted in zero property damage or personal injury of Soldiers

o managed 35 barracks managers within the BDE, responsible for 600 barracks rooms; implemented new standards, ensured unit consolidation and improving unit morale

o achieved 100% rating as the Anti-terrorism Officer on the Organization Inspection Program conducted by I CORPS; established the standard for the Battalions to emulate

o planned, coordinated and executed all Brigade Fire Support training to include CAS, CCA and Digital Sustainment; ensuring 100% MOS specific qualifications

o served as the BDE Battle NCO; coaching and mentoring Soldiers from each BDE section ensuring overall success of the BDE TOC in four CPXs during certifications

o ensured 100% bi-yearly and quarterly training, including weapons qualifications and APFT requirements were met while managing 73 Soldiers in a demanding environment

o responsible for the accountability of 24 officers, 14 senior NCOs, 18 junior NCOs, and 17 Soldiers, achieving excellent results in a challenging position

o revised and redesigned platoon physical training program; resulting in zero Army Body Composition Program and Army Physical Fitness Test failures

o possessed mental and physical stamina to go the distance and beyond; displayed the attitude to adjust to any changing situation

o selected over five SFCs and ten SSGs as platoon sergeant in addition to his BDE Fires and Effects NCO duties; achieving excellence results for nine months

o performed and maintained his duties as platoon sergeant; exceeded course standards and graduated in the top 20% in the Battle Staff NCO course

o planned and coordinated the Brigade Fire Support certification, ensuring his Soldiers received the best training; resulting in 100% first time GOs

o managed over 2,000 travel authorizations and vouchers in the Defense Travel System totaling over $1,000,000; ensured no fraudulent vouchers in the brigade

o directly responsible for implementing procedures in bringing the Brigade Government Travel Card program down to a 2% delinquency rate from a 10% rate

o accounted for all assigned equipment worth over $300,000 with no loss or damage to government property

o trained eight new battalion school NCOs which resulted in all receiving commendable ratings across the Brigade for OIP 15

o sought out by senior leadership and his peers for advice and guidance on DTS and school operations; his knowledge was an invaluable asset to the brigade's success

o ran the Traffic School of the Soldier program effectively, ensuring all Soldiers in the program received the proper training

o mentored over 1,100 Soldiers prior to their attendance to BLC, ALC, SLC, Recruiter, Drill Sergeant School and residential school; resulted in a 99% enrollment rate overall

o focused on the completion of several missions and assigned tasks within the Brigade Operation section while multi-tasking the appointment of six additional duties

o implemented Brigade Schools APFT program; oversaw and administered over 22 NCOES APFTs for the Brigade

o a flexible and diverse NCO; able to adapt and excel in an ever changing environment

o received commendable ratings on four different additional duties areas during the Division OIP inspections, exceeding the standard

o processed over 250 DTS authorizations in support of WFF15 in less than 48 hours; ensuring a real world mission accomplishment in a timely manner

o developed mounting solutions for CBRN detection systems on the HIMARS platform with on hand resources; saved the BDE over $350,000

o motivated, inspired, and developed three battalion CBRN NCOs, priming them to become future senior leaders; achieved a 30% program improvement at each BN

o commended by the I Corps CBRN SGM, and published in the post newspaper for executing comprehensive CBRN casualty training for 30 CBRN and medical Soldiers

o protected over 800 responders as the WFF15 HAZMAT Technician by providing threat assessments and protection plans for 63 sites; NIFC later adopted these TTPs

o applied mental fitness from years of tactical leadership to overcome any challenge

o briefed at numerous forums to senior leaders and outside agencies; increased knowledge of 13 Series IMT

o developed and executed a rigorous PRT program; increased the BN Staff's APFT average

o made decisions based on the best interests of the organization; confident NCO who was one of the most trusted unit leaders

o selected over 24 of his peers to serve as the Battalion S3 NCOIC due to his competence and operations acumen

o coordinated Soldier 20/20 initiatives for the BN; oversaw HPDT implementation and female integration into 13 series MOSs

o developed a detailed BN operations tracker; ensured missions were executed on time and to standard by subordinate units

o oversaw the reorganization of the BN S3 Section to form the BN Student Admin Section; streamlined BN Staff processes

o worked with the Fort Sill Sergeant Audie Murphy Club to help local area veterans; provided assistance to homeless veterans

o served as the rear detachment NCOIC during the FY16 holiday block leave; coordinated events and training for all Soldiers

o planned and resourced training for one of the largest BNs on the installation; enabled the BN to train over 5,000 Soldiers

o coordinated and executed a German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge competition for 20 Soldiers

o developed the BN Instructor Development and Recognition Program; enabled outstanding instructors to be recognized

o coordinated the BCT CDR Fires PCC LFX; BCT CDRs gained knowledge on Fires capabilities and training requirements

o coordinated and supervised FY16 Holiday Block Leave; enabled 740 IET Soldiers to depart and return without incident

o oversaw the planning, coordination, and execution of the AOCS Reunion for over 300 VIPs and guests

o selected over two SFCs to serve as 1SG; made substantial contributions to the Battery as a whole

o implemented actionable systems enabling the platoon to properly battle track; increased operational ready status by 30%

o faced complex problems with confidence while serving as the sole NCO in a platoon of 20 Soldiers, 75% from initial training

o served the defense of the ROK as BN OPs SGM for 60 days; managed numerous mission tasks

o managed all external tasking's for Ulchi Freedom Guardian 16 resulting in 120 tasking's throughout the ROK

o excelled as Operation Sergeant Major for Ulchi Freedom Guardian 16; directed multiple units with operational excellence

o directed multiple BDE LOADEXs as the subject matter expert loaded out over 600 MLRS pods; reduced load time by nine hours

o established BN Ammunition Holding Area for the FRO; directly supported 8th Army and its strategic mission

o served as 2ID SAMC treasurer contributing over 100 hours to club support including over $600 in fundraising dollars earned

o revamped the BN MLRS Best by Test Program testing 16 crews within the BN; program was adopted by sister BN and BDE

o developed MLRS curriculum for the Brigade Green Tab University; instructed 13 2LTs on MLRS operations

o earned 7 semester hours, and encouraged self-study resulting in two Soldiers enrolling into college, and one completing BLC

o certified 21 crews as BN Master Gunner resulting in the safe and timely firing of 74 reduced range practice rockets

o led three Ready Battery rotations ensuring ammunition assets were available within four hours of notice; defending ROK

o coordinated operational plan brief for 500 Soldiers; thoroughly describe go to war plan increasing understanding of units mission

o led with strong intellect, physical presence, professional competence, high moral character, and serves as a role model

o controlled the section's fitness training and increased Soldiers morale; enthusiastic NCO

o instilled a sense of military bearing in his squad; Soldiers were held accountable for their actions & acted 100% professionally

o established a CPN team for the BN; updated, trained and validated his team with a 30 minute faster readiness time

o selected ahead of peers to lead BPL, resulting in getting a 98% score on the battalion inspection

o consistently excelled at completing assigned tasks on time to meet critical deadlines without guidance

o led one soldier to pass his PT test, lift flag, get removed from ABCP, and get promoted to specialist

o demonstrated excellent performance as the NCOIC for two weeks during NCOIC absence

o cultivated a climate of trust within the CPN team focuses on a common goal; this did not exist previously

o encouraged Soldiers to pursue education; resulted in 80% of section enrolling in technical courses to improve proficiency

o standardized training among all Soldiers on his team to ensure 100% uninterrupted communication service to the battalion

o used lessons learned to improve training and processes in his battery; detail oriented; always meets assigned suspense's

o created CPN SOP for quick and timely reaction time for an high up tempo BN

o developed two NCOs to attend NCOES and graduate military schools to fulfill required additional duties for unit readiness

o served as ATCTS manager; continued to ensure users' accounts are in compliance

o continued to work past normal duty hours in order to ensure completion of all tasks

o always shows equal respect for lower enlisted, peers, and upper leadership

o served as OIC for a virtual Fires Brigade unit in support of UC 19-2; contributed to building knowledge on military capabilities

o aided in upgrading the BCCS stacks; constantly ensuring stacks are serviceable and operational

o continued to demonstrate proficiency in technical aspects of job; resulted in an ability to manage subordinates effectively

o served as I Corps G6 Night Shift NCOIC; supported and managed G6 Help Desk in support of YS 77

o provided superb technical support during WFX 19-01 and Battery Lightning Crucible exercise; served as Help Desk NCO

o delegates responsibility effectively to subordinates and motivates them to be successful

o prepared and motivated two subordinates for the Soldier of the Month Board; resulted in both winning the board respectively

o coached and mentored one subordinate for the promotion board; resulted in Soldier earning promotable status

o continued to share knowledge and insight; committed in improving the team's productivity and operational readiness

o served as Brigade S6 NCOIC for TAC in support of OS 19; contributed to operational success

o assisted in locating and transferring over 100 government laptops; prevented potential loss of over $400,000 worth of laptops

o continued to solve issues with user accounts as well as system and printer issues; ensured sections are operational

o redeployed over $463,000 of assigned equipment while maintaining 100% accountability and also protecting classified information

o enforced strict procedures during YTC 1-94 FAR BN live fire Table VI Qualification; safely fired over 78 rockets

o conserved brigade resources and Soldiers time by skillfully combining, coordinating, and executing brigade taskings

o constantly provided expert technical and tactical advice to the BDE CMD group during deployment, sharing his vast knowledge of ABCS systems

o enormous ability to train Soldiers; trained six Soldiers outside the 13D MOS to serve as AFATDS operators for numerous training exercises including Talisman Saber 15

o essential to mission success during the execution of Brigades Digital Fire Support Sustainment Training while deployed; ensuring nine Soldiers receive in-depth training

o excelled as the Fire Control SGT during Talisman Saber 15; resulted in 63 seamless fire mission being processed and rapid clearance of fires

o NCO that leads by example; always motivated Soldiers to excel in daily tasks and missions; aggressively enforced standards on NCO's and Soldiers

o executed multiple SHARP training sessions focused on identifying risky behaviors in order to improve personal safety

o received a coin of excellence by the CENTCOM CSM for his technical and tactical expertise in his involvement with the Thunderbolt Strike Cell in Baghdad, Iraq

o selected for his MOS competency by the BDE CDR over two SGT's and three SSG's to assume the duties as Fire Control Sergeant during Operation Inherent Resolve

o played a vital role with the development, refinement, and execution of the 17th Field Artillery Brigade Digital Fire Support Sustainment Training

o navigated harsh terrain and performed exceptionally well while under pressure during the DART

o his technical skills, competence and judgment were key factors in successful mission accomplishment

o aided immeasurably in accomplishing many of the section's tasks during the Yakima Training Center, Bravo Battery-Battalion Artillery Readiness Test

o performed as loadmaster for the 2nd section FDC TRICON and successfully and safely packed and loaded all items to and from YTC

o demonstrated rare ability to decisively identify, engage and destroy targets

o verified and ensured the safe and accurate firing of 118 rounds during Iron Focus with zero safety violations and no firing incidents

o served as M2 HBMG Gunner for unstabilized Gunnery Table VI; was instrumental in crew's qualifying with distinguished honors

o maintained 100% accountability of approximately 350 propellant increments, 150 primers, a combination of 119 fuses (557, 739 and 762) and a combined 120 HE and illumination rounds

o dedicated hundreds of hours to crew rehearsals, led to Apache crew earning a perfect score of 1,000 and Top Gun in 1st ABCT 3ID

o performed his duties as a gunner flawlessly and continues to exceed the standard while working two pay grades above his own in an E-5 position

o revised the company's tank gunnery program which raised the unit's aggregate score to the highest in the division on the last tank gunnery

o helped ensure his section's gun maintained 100% mission capability throughout the 19 day Iron Focus exercise

o his tank crew earned superior qualifications ratings the last three consecutive years

o took control of failed KMI account, revamped filing system, key issue and destruction; account current with NSA policies

o redesigned ABCP program; developed HT/WT documents and deadline tacker streamlining legal and chapter process by 75%

o masterfully managed signal manning; identified talent gaps and vacant positions, ensured 90% of position filled across battalions

o selected over six SFCs to serve as acting 1SG; made substantial contributions and had a profound impact on battery functions

o implemented rigorous shop PRT plan; resulted in 11 out of 15 Soldiers in section scoring over 500 points during last ACFT

o highly sought out by external organizations for HF digital fires network planning and development; leading HF expert on JBLM

o motivated, inspired, and developed three battalion CBRN NCOs, priming them to become future senior leaders; achieved a 30% program improvement at each BN

o organized deployment cycle resilience training for two redeploying units; eased transition for 600 Soldiers and their families

o partnered with 2/75 Rangers and 110 CM BN to establish modular decontamination interoperability; trained 260 Soldiers during the first full-scale exercise in the BDE

o prepared three batteries for worldwide HI-RAIN deployment into asymmetric operational environments during four complex BDE CBRN EXEVALs

o pioneered the role of CBRN Soldiers in DSCA missions; partnered with the Pierce County EOC to train 11 Soldiers to act as single-source assets in all-hazards responses

o constructed the highest-rated BDE CBRN program in 7th ID from the ground up; guaranteed the BDE's ability to employ fires in a CBRN environment

o created, validated, and implemented hybrid-threat focused BDE CBRN SOP using TTPs developed during BDE training exercises; used as the standard across 7th ID

o completed nine credit hours towards a Bachelors in Disaster and Emergency Management from American Military University; maintained a 4.0 GPA

o maintained 100% accountability of equipment valued at over $3,000,000 during rating period with no loss or damage

o selected by the BDE OPS SGM to coordinate movement of the Brigade to the Brigade and Division CoCs; safely moved over 800 Soldiers for both events

o encouraged and mentored Soldiers to enroll in online college courses and Army Correspondence Course Program; Soldiers completed 73 total hours

o selected by Battery leadership to attend the Air Load Planner course over two other SSGs; passed knowledge of course to peers increasing the readiness of the Battery

o trained eight Soldiers on TOC battle drills and FCE procedures during UFG 15 and YS 69; increased knowledge of ABCS and continued to push Soldiers to excel

o arduous pursuit of excellence resulted in 100% qualification rate for entire section on all assigned weapons

o led a team of four Soldiers to provide communications testing for the 5-3 FAR Exeval; ensured that digital comms were valid at all preplanned positions

o showed concern for Soldiers consistently; made sure they had a place to spend the holidays and always checked on them regardless of the mission

o always finds a way to accomplish very tough missions; achieves outstanding results when confronted with limited resources

o selected by the BDE S-3 to perform duties as the RSO for 1-94 FAR Battery Exeval at YTC; oversaw HIMARS range safety in the firing of 48 rockets during qualification

o responsible for the setup of the BDE TOC for Talisman Sabre, UFG 15, and YS 69; ensured all equipment was successfully setup and recovered for the exercises

o responsible for managing the brigade STRAC; advised the battalion Master Gunners on altering rocket allocation in order to maintain 100% qualification during shortages

o always ensured safety was a top priority during every aspect of training; ensured risk management was always the highest consideration

o accepted challenges with no hesitation; never retreated from opportunities of greater responsibility

o created a standardized evaluation criteria for all events; vital in the planning of STX lanes during the BDE an EXEVAL which trained over 90 Soldiers preparing for NTC

o conducted static display capabilities brief for the 7th Infantry Division CSM and senior leaders on the capabilities and limitations of the M142 HIMARS

o served as the HIMARS subject matter expert during the train up for 5-3 FAR's NTC rotation; ensured all safety concerns were adhered to and crews were well trained

o managed and resourced resilience training for Brigade; supervised and inspected training of four BN MRTs; ensured 100% compliance with FORSCOM guidance

o continued to be an active member of the SAMC; prepared and executed the BDE SAMC hands-on evaluation process for future leaders within the BDE

o demonstrated he is a strong advocate to the SHARP program; always willing to offer advice relating to policies that could impact the unit

o responsible for executing the BDE APFT's and HT/WT program for all personnel attending advanced schooling throughout the BDE

o selected by the BDE CSM to serve as the BDE Master Gunner due to his extensive knowledge and experience on M142 HIMARS operations and certification procedures

o instrumental in the planning and preparing for the first noise safety danger zone test for HIMARS LFX on JBLM; set the stage for future HIMARS LFXs on JBLM

o sought out during the HIMARS ICATS development for his proficiency with the M142 HIMARS; offered weapons capabilities and limitations to the senior leaders

o executed the duties as the Brigade Operations Sergeant Major during his absence; achieving excellent results

o constantly sought out by Officers and Senior NCO's throughout the BDE for his knowledge in all aspects of Brigade operations

o consistently sought self-improvement; completed six semester hours towards a degree in BA in management with only two classes remaining towards degree

o led and directed 5-3 FAR redeployment, uncasing of their colors ceremony, and reintegration process from CENTCOM AOR as the Operations NCOIC

o selected due to his expertise and proficiency as a 1SG to participated as a Small Group Facilitator for JBLM Company Commander/First Sergeant initial Course

o played a vital role in preparing three BNs and the BDE CoC ceremonies conducted in one week, received exceptional remarks from the DIV CDR and DIV CSM

o coordinated with adjacent units to maximize available resources during major tasking events and operations

o emphasized Soldier safety; resulted in zero serious incidents during multiple home-station training events; resulted in no damaged equipment due to negligence

o took lead of the barrack manager's program for 17th FAB; ensuring the barracks were in compliance with JBLM housing guideline

o enforced composite risk management during mission preparation, execution and recovery; resulted in no incidents or damaged equipment due to negligence

o prepared and organized the BDE's area beautification within JBLM, working with division to expand the quality of life for Soldiers and their families

o served as the Brigade Operations Sergeant Major in his absences, met all suspense's and maintaining a steady flow of operations

o managed over 270 BDE level tasking and orders; ensured 100% successful compliance with 7th ID G3

o completed nine college credit hours towards a degree in organizational leadership maintaining a GPA of 4.0

o reinforced and supported with synchronization effort of the Brigade HQs successful redeployment and reintegration operations from CENTCOM AOR

o assisted with the restructure of the Brigade staff duty book and Barracks Control NCO book to ensure high standards were met

o organized a Brigade Soldier/NCO of the quarter board; oversaw the rigorous hands-on portion of the Brigade board

o chosen by the S3 to assist in revising Brigade Red Book of HIMARS certification program; which allowed a successful Table six certification for the battalions

o developed a BDE SOP to get over 175 personal training on gate guard duties; reinforced BDEs force protection procedures within garrison operations in JBLM

o assisted in planning and executing a Brigade Change of Responsibility ceremony

o coordinated with the VFW, USO and other outside agencies a "Toys for Tots" event within the Brigade to provide Soldiers families toys during the holiday season

o placed Soldier's safety as top priority; implemented CRM into all aspects of training, ensuring safety and security further leading to mission readiness

o brought the operational readiness of 38 CREW systems from 25% to 100% in less than two weeks during Operation Freedom Sentinel

o enforced safety standards while conducting Ammo Holding Area operations in Camp Redleg, UAE; resulted in no injuries or damage to equipment

o vital in the establishment and operation of the Brigade TOC C2 systems during Operations UFG-15 and YS-69

o executed joint EW training between Army EW personnel and Navy EW Aviators, which resulted in enhanced understanding of cross service EW requirements

o planned, developed, and implemented the react to IED training lane during BTRY EXEVAL; ensuring proficiency of 3 different battle drills prior to NTC Rotation 16-03

o fostered an environment of weapons training resulting in 40 unqualified Soldiers qualifying with their M-4 carbine

o phenomenal NCO who mentored three Battalion EW personnel on BDE and I Corps Electronic Warfare operations; resulting in a seamless integration during YS-69

o devoted more than 50 hours of personal time to teach and mentor Civil Air Patrol Cadets at McChord Airfield on leadership and discipline

o demonstrated and enforced unquestionable adherence to SHARP among his peers and subordinates which resulted in a climate of dignity and respect

o integrated Electronic Warfare into the planning of Operations UFG-15 and YS-69, significantly enhancing the BDE leaderships' knowledge in Electronic Warfare

o provided valuable and sound input on all tactical Electronic Warfare training; his knowledge was sought after by subordinates, peers, and seniors alike

o maintained expert qualification with M-4 carbine; hit 38 out of 40 target

o planned, coordinated, and executed retransmission sites during four HI-RAIN operations; positively increased the distance for processing digital fire missions

o established Battalion signal maintenance and education program; improving communications platforms functionality and readiness by 50%

o served as ACFT instructor; assist Soldiers on correctly performing all ACFT events

o successfully handled multiple demands under continuously changing time lines and mission requirements for WFX 20-1

o projects self-confidence, authority, and enthusiasm; a dynamic and energetic NCO who is an exceptional role model for Soldiers

o graduated in the top 5% of the Signal Digital Master Gunner Course

o attended Global Broadcast Service; giving our Chain of Command the ability to have real time situational awareness.

o developed concepts of support, which integrated group's communication capabilities, increasing unit efficiency by 20%

o demonstrated a positive attitude, posture and approach when instructing over 3 BNs on the new ACFT standard

o hand selected by the BDE CSM to serve as the communications NCO for DPAA mission JPA 19-5LA

o displayed self-control and composure as the BDE S6 NCOIC for BN EXEVALS; resulting in no downtime in Upper TI

o mentored and trained one of his Soldiers to win the BDE Soldier of the Quarter board

o dedicated available time effectively to mentor subordinates on mission essential tasks to develop younger inexperienced Soldiers

o researched, developed and implemented various training exercises to improve overall ACFT training effectiveness

o supported JFA evacuating and screening of 208 cubic meters of earth in order to search for and identify life support evidence

o continues to excel at maintaining full accountability of section equipment that exceeds over 3,000,000

o coordinated, planned, and executed three ICORPS level exercises; resulting in 100% mission success at each

o implemented a BTRY PRT plan that raised the battery average by 20 points and helped 10 Soldiers be removed from the ABCP

o mentored five high risk Soldiers to help them through periods of hardship and build resiliency to become effective warfighters

o was the standard bearer of the organization; enforced high but achievable standards to inspire the team to achieve

o expertly managed the administrative systems of the battery to achieve the highest personnel readiness in the battalion

o envisioned and implemented a STT program that empowered junior leaders to train their Soldiers on all WTBD

o mentored four lieutenants on integrating training and training management to build highly effective platoons

o his leadership was critical to the battery completing seven FTXs including a successful NTC rotation and two HiRAINs

o established battery TTPs that were critical to the success of the EXEVALs where the BTRY performed the best in the brigade

o mentored three staff sergeants to serve as platoon sergeants; both exceeded the standards of the sergeant first class billet

o focused on leader and individual development, achieving a 97% Structured Self Development completion rating

o developed the battery LPD program; instructed classes focused on building junior NCOs into effective leaders

o his disciplined approach to training allowed the battery to certify on AT XV at night with a first time 'GO'

o managed a 30% turnover in NCOs to maintain 8/8 qualified launcher sections

o refined the newly built battery TACSOP to establish TTPs that were adopted across the brigade

o synchronized operations and logistics for seven battery FTXs, resulting in first time GOs for battery qualifications

o scored 273 on the APFT exceeding the I Corps APFT goal by 33 points; motivated Soldiers to strive during PRT

o conducted 40+ physical readiness training sessions; focused on improving the state of fitness of 18 Soldiers

o competed in the Noncommissioned Officer of the Month board; challenged himself and set an example for others to emulate

o utilized Purebred and MORFEUS expertise to resolve 60+ Remedy tickets for 29 iPhones and 50 telecommunications devices

o revived the Trusted Agent program, processed over 50 SIPR tokens; enforced PKI and AR 25-2 standards

o completed 80-hour COMSEC Account Managers Course; enhanced knowledge on safeguarding COMSEC material

o led his section during three major exercises; completed over 30 missions supporting over 1,000 users in Hawaii, Idaho, and JBLM

o mentored 10 Soldiers on basic Soldier tasks, IT fundamentals, and professionalism; resulting in improved morale in the S6

o trained 24 Soldiers during 3 Sergeant's Time Training classes on automations and tactical radios; enhanced shop proficiency

o displayed genuine concern for the welfare of his four Soldiers; counseled and mentored his Soldiers resolved 40+ personnel issues

o developed a 5-page TCO SOP; comprised of procedures, points of contact and checklists utilized by 3 BNs across the Brigade

o received coin for excellence from the 17th Field Artillery Brigade CSM; worked diligently to resolve 100% of issues

o exceeded the standard as a TCO; achieved a commendable rating during the I Corps 2018 command inspection

o upgraded the 17th FA BDE BCCS server upon completion of training; created 50+ user accounts on server

o motivated Soldiers to strive during PRT; improved physical fitness program, Soldiers constantly scored above the I CORPS APFT standard of 250

o self disciplined and mental toughness; inspired self improvement enabled Soldiers to far surpass required organizational and Army standards

o undaunted leader who makes decisions based on the best interests of the organization; highly respected and trusted by senior leadership

o integrated MRT into daily operations; emphasis on critical thinking skills and stress control has positively affected unit ability to accomplish any mission

o established professional relationships with Soldiers; followed-up on career and professional goals; produced a dramatic improvement in shop morale

o displayed mastery-level knowledge of CNR operations, maintenance, and equipment; dynamic NCO that is committed to mission accomplishment

o selected by BDE CSM to serve as senior signal support specialist over seven of his peers during RIMPAC 18; performance during exercise was unmatched

o assisted Sailors aboard USS Carl Vinson, during RIMPAC 18, troubleshoot and configure CNR equipment; enabling communications with shore based units

o leading HF and JCR/JBC-P communications expert for the Battalion; a force multiplier who exerts influence far beyond his chain of command

o trained 25 Navy, Marine and Air Force personnel on setup and troubleshooting CNR and antenna equipment; expertise was instrumental during RIMPAC 18

o dedicated to professional development; coached two Soldiers in preparation for promotion board, resulting in Soldiers receiving promotable status

o empowered junior Soldiers by delegating authority in effort to develop tomorrow's leaders; consistently inspired leadership in others

o provided COMSEC support for Grey Eagle UAV element; enabling BDE TAIS/ADAM BAE section to provide live video feed for MDTF HQ

o assisted with configuring and integrating MDTF CENTRIX network and Link 16 access; enabled information sharing between land and sea based partners

o developed and implemented Battalion "Signal Maintenance Rodeo"; quarterly maintenance program improved platforms functionality and readiness by 70%

o lead TPM 2.0 upgrade on 560 systems across Brigade; ensured all system met network security and update requirements

o created Brigade first Cyber SOP implementing HBSS, ESM, ACAS and incident reporting; enhanced BDE network security

o during JWA managed HBSS, ESM and ACAS; ensured 360 systems were scanned and had current updates and patches

o resolved critical problems in ACTCS database management systems; receiving outstanding rating from DISA Audit Team

o trained five Soldiers during three Leaders Time Training on automations and cyber procedures; enhanced shop proficiency

o improved technical and cyber knowledge, completed over 200 hours of online training; demonstrating commitment to growth

o developed and implemented TPM 1.2 to 2.0 fix which reduced number network non-compliant system; adopted by I CORP G6

o supervised 661 users as an ATCTS manager; ensured all users are IA compliant in accordance with AR 25-2 standards

o mentored 10 Soldiers on basic helpdesk tasks, IT fundamentals, and professionalism; improving shop cohesion and continuity

o revised BDE TACSOP in outline format; included spillage and incident reporting procedures which increased unit response time

o demonstrated unparalleled ability to make sound decisions with precision and accuracy; dynamic Non-Commissioned officer

o has outstanding rapport with subordinates and is able to extract the most from each individual by tailoring leadership

o maintained constant high standards for professional and personal appearance; enforced standards throughout the Battery

o displayed the highest level of confidence, enthusiasm, and impeccable military bearing for NCO's and Soldiers to emulate

o maintained a positive mental attitude; possessed the ability to quickly adapt to multiple challenging requirements

o emboldened Soldiers to strive for PRT excellence; eight of eleven Soldiers scored above the I CORPS APFT standard of 250

o displayed the highest level of confidence, enthusiasm, and impeccable military bearing; is emulated by Soldiers and peers

o inspired self improvement in Soldiers by setting the example; portrayed relentless self discipline and mental toughness

o supervised six SA and 365 users accounts as an ATCTS manager; ensured all users IA compliant IAW AR 25-2 standards

o trained six personnel on CPN/STT operations; executed numerous EDRE drills improving capacity for rapid deployment

o revised BN COMSEC SOP; resulting in only BN in BDE to receive "Outstanding" rating during last I Corp SAV

o established critical transmission link with USAF; enabled MDTF HQ to track and prepare for typhoon during VS18

o worked closely with CECOM support to fabricate custom high voltage cables; creating BDE bench stock for critical component

o mentored and coached two Soldiers in preparation for promotion board; resulted in Soldiers receiving promotable status

o developed BN Commo Camp; quarterly training program enhanced Soldiers knowledge on CNR maintenance and operation

o coached and advised Soldiers on both career and personal goals; resulting in dramatic improvement to unit morale

o graduated SEJPME course, enhancing ability to operate in joint environment and demonstrating commitment to growth

o coordinated with Air Force to establish JADOCS services over SMART-T; enabled MDTF critical C2 capabilities during VS18

o provided MDTF upper-tactical infrastructure (UTI) and Link 16 access; enabled information sharing between joint partners

o established HF link from Guam AAFB to Wake Island; providing Air Force HQ communications for refueling operations

o spearheaded an aggressive physical training regimen which increased shop APFT average by 36 points

o displays excellent mental and physical abilities; one of seven Sergeants First Class in the battery not on permanent profile

o shifted unit culture in terms of communications technology; Soldiers genuinely desire to learn and actively seek him out

o exhibits highest levels of technical proficiency I've ever seen; ensured 90% readiness status of all BN CNR equipment

o planned and executed retrans support for four HIRAIN operations; tripled the range of digital fire mission processing

o displays mastery-level knowledge of Combat Net Radio (CNR) operations, maintenance, and equipment

o is the leading HF comms expert for the entire BDE; a force multiplier who exerts influence far beyond his chain of command

o trained 30 Soldiers in three different BNs on RT-1523F and PRC-150 capabilities; improved comms readiness on all vehicles

o consistently inspired leadership in others; empowers Soldiers by delegating authority in effort to develop tomorrow's leaders

o positively impacted Soldiers' lives resulting in four promotions, two successful civilian transitions, and two saved military careers

o ensured three NCOs and seven Soldiers completed required SSD and computing environment training

o helped three Soldiers become qualified System Administrators where there had been none before; critical for BN operations

o first in the BDE to successfully build AFATDS network via HF, allowing BLOS processing of digital fire missions within the unit

o spearheaded the BN's upgrades from BFT to JCR, ensuring critical lines of communication and technological relevance

o established BN signal maintenance and education program; improved comms platform functionality and readiness by 50%

o managed one BDE and three BN ACTCS teams; received "Outstanding" management by DISA IT and Cyber Audit Team

o revised BDE COMSEC SOP and overhauled inspection program; "Satisfactory" rating during I Corp CMD inspection

o developed, implemented and managed four ISSP accounts; improved COMSEC/CCI repair and replace process by 75%

o mentored ten Soldiers during 7ID NETCOM Low Power HF competition; instilled knowledge and confidence in SM abilities

o focused on signal leader development; achieved a 97% Senior Enlisted Joint Military Professional Education I completion rating

o guided two high risk Soldiers; helped them through periods of hardship and build resiliency to become effective warfighters

o deployed 62 signal personnel, equipment, and nine FSRs throughout Japan during OS19; ensured MDTF mission success

o developed TPM 1.2 to 2.0 fix, reducing number of life cycle computer by 85%; fix adapted by I Corps G6 and JBLM NEC

o worked closely with JWA Team to refine MDTF signal concepts and capabilities; vital to development of MTOE requirements

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