MOS 13S, Field Artillery Surveyor NCOER Examples

MOS 13S and MOS 13W were merged to form MOS 13T, Surveyor/ Meteorological Crewmember. MOS 13S no longer exists.

Chief of Survey

o completed over 2500 survey missions resulting in 100% safe artillery live fire exercises

o developed an effective fires plan during the company defense supporting Operation Gimlet

o assumed the roles of Fire Support NCO and Fire Support Specialist in addition to his primary role as FA surveyor

o his experience on the Mobile Observation Team aided immeasurably in identifying areas to develop and improve for the team's security

o instrumental in the direct training, care and motivation of the lead Liaison Section

o resident expert on the PLGR; ensured accurate location data at all times

o maintained constant communication with Fire Direction/HQ and FO to ensure safe founds down range

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