MOS 13Z Field Artillery Senior Sergeant NCOER Bullets

Soldier calculating range and deflection for artillery

Senior Sergeant

o completed three theater retrograde missions as convoy escort commander

o led the 1/120th FA through an arduous Field Artillery reset training program

o developed a training plan that leveraged instructional assistance from the 426th Regional Training Institute and our own unit leadership

o advised the commander on all actions with his tactical experience and executed all missions to the highest standard

o ensured the battalion used the most secure routes to conduct a variety of security and room clearing training

o coached unit to the first section level FA live fire certification since 2008

o oversaw operations during two major training events that directly improved the overall readiness of the FA Staff and firing batteries

o stepped up, in the absence of the commander, and assumed responsibility for duties well above his pay grade and ensured full accountability at all times

o guided the battalion staff to complete a complex Field Artillery support plan during the Full Spectrum Exercise

o fired over 30,000 rounds during several ranges and deployments accurately and safely

o supported multiple coalition forces during their certifications and improved their training

o led the battalion through the first platoon-level live-fire qualification, a significant event in the battalion's history

o served the 1/120th Field Artillery admirably as the the Senior Sergeant for nearly 4 years

o arranged the tactical employment of BN PSD Soldiers, displaying the competence of maneuver both mounted and dismounted during operations and training

o managed all day-to-day operations for the battalion's three armory locations

o his untiring work ethic and devotion directly impacted the success of JCS exercise Cobra Gold 2013

o master of maneuver tactics and techniques during operations and over 50 fully partnered, combined combat patrols in the Ghormach District, Faryab Province of northern Afghanistan

o maintained constant intel and ensured the battery navigated safely and effectively through a variety of terrain

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