MOS 14S Avenger Crewmember Bullets

o meticulously maintained unit's LCMR during the most adverse weather ever endured, resulting in surperb search, tracking, and error-free performance during indirect fire from local insurgency

o dedication, hard work, and decisive leadership successfully led 3 firing crews to qualify during three live fire exercises

o worked tirelessly with the communications section on every Avenger vehicle in the platoon to update and troubleshoot a patch for the EPLRS

o instructed crews on operation and maintenance of the EPLRS system and radios during AWTs

o fired over 6,000 rounds during several ranges accurately and safely; supported multiple coalition forces during their certifications

o his experience enabled support of Charlie Battery's firing 120 rockets during four live fire exercises

o due to their reliability, his platoon was chosen to participate in the most number of fire missions during two AWSS exercises

o stepped up and became ammo team chief for another section when theirs went down due to injury

o volunteered during weapons and mask draw to accurately disseminate required equipment for ranges and AWTs

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