MOS 15N Avionics Mechanic NCOER Bullets

o conducted port operations as an Avionics Technical Inspector (TI) as part of Task Force Light Horse in Esbjerg, Denmark; efficiently cleared 13 aircraft for transport

o deployed with the initial 9-month rotation ISO Atlantic Resolve 2023; contributed directly to the success of the entire UH-60 and HH-60 Detachment

o his skill at maintaining aircraft and directing repairs led to an unprecedented rate of readiness with the highest standards of quality

o his devotion to the mission was paramount in maintaining 24 UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters across three companies

o solved chronic engine temperature disparity; spotted, repaired shorted wire insulation; restored critical flight operations

o hand-selected avionics lead Mobile Repair Team (MRT) technician; resolved chronic IPP cooling failure, bolstered Mission Capable rate

o he consistently sets himself apart by going above and beyond what was expected

o executes extremely well with unfaltering reliability to accomplish the most challenging of tasks


o expedited over 30 emergency requests for maintenance; kept abort rate below 5 percent this FY, exceeded standard

o as senior electronics technician, he made an immediate impact by supervising contractors and Soldiers within the avionics shop which saved over $6 million over a six month period

o eliminated Code 3 CNI transmit; repaired in less than 8 hours by replacing power amp, secured unit's best repair rate

o trained three Soldiers on radar troubleshooting techniques; multiplied mx capability

o resolved intermittent video failure; traced to faulty cable and repaired; enabled 95 percent sortie effectiveness rate

o assisted electricians; solved main power anomaly; removed and replaced faulty weight-on-wheels switch; zero repeats to date

o guided IFF Failure troubleshooting; identified and secured loose coaxial cable to restore; essential to unit's 0.5% recurrence rate

o contributed to the success of the pre-deployment training during Mission Readiness Exercise at North Fort hood and throughout the deployment

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