CMF 15 Aviation NCOER Examples

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o identified broken starter generator terminal lug during a thru-flight; quickly repaired using parts brought for this chronic issue; enabled return after a long HAATS flight

o participated in the repatriation of a Prisoner of War during the conflict in Afghanistan; provided failsafe aviation support

o introduced, evaluated, and implemented new equipment for special operations flight crewmembers; key member of the 160th ALSE team

o trained and qualified in every ALSE shop position; became subject matter expert on every aspect of ALSE

o selected from among peers to provide ALSE instruction to new technicians in HHC 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment Airborne

o maintained 12 aircraft to include 40/120 hr inspections and unscheduled repairs totaling more than 250 MMH during ESAD fire support missions

o PFC Siemens aided in creating and managing the powertrain benchstock, which consists of primary, secondary and DART kit for AH-64s, UH-60s and CH-47s; eliminated repair delays for parts

o provided exhaustive support and technical expertise to the entire Brigade on the computer imagery software used during exercise Vibrant Response 11.1

o her dedication and devotion to mission accomplishment was the key to success for the GSAB's pre-deployment training and mobilization

Inside CH-47F Chinook cockpit

o worked as Production Control and Quality Control NCO at a remote site in Western Iraq

o organized the benchstock for Outlaw Troop after the troop received a new trycon container

o maintained accurate and meticulous records of all maintenance, in the absence of an SLC trained Production Control NCO, enabling 5 urgent medical evacuation missions

o exceeded the standard during 20 250-hour phase inspections and 4 500-hour phase inspections

o qualified 11 crew chiefs on the M240H on tables 1-4, 6-8 and 10 during day and NVG aerial gunnery range

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