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o provided IT services ranging from base-provided internet to the use of classified systems during the Consulate's transition onto Incirlik Airbase; equipped U.S. Consulate Adana and its staff to continue mission critical work

o supervised Combat Net Radio (CNR) operations; ensured 99% uptime for critical communications, enabling seamless command and control

o set up and operated the AN-PRD 13 Basic Radio Detection Finding (RDF) System; intercepted enemy calls during the Combined Arms Exercise and gauranteed the success of the B Company mission

o used every opportunity to train his fellow Soldiers in the communication field using his own time to fabricate gear as necessary

o as the Forward Signal Support NCO for 7th Cavalry, he maintained over a million dollars worth of communications equipment and was responsible for the training and readiness of over 30 communications platforms

o aided immeasurably in providing SIPR access during a critical S6 meeting when no one had scheduled it; saved hours of work and several trips back to Caserma Ederle

o his dedication to the Soldiers and his job ensured the unit was prepared for any mission at a moments notice

o installed SINCGARS into 9 M1151 HMMWVs, 2 M1097s and 1 M1078A1, ensuring FM communications throughout the Brigade's span of operations

o taught classes educating his peers and subordinates on how to effectively communicate using HF and ASIP radio systems

o as Automation Specialist, managed over 700 accounts on the CENTRIX, NIPR, and SIPR communication networks for 8 different units and agencies throughout RC South

o processed over 1,000 of the S-6 shop's 2,500 trouble tickets and handled the majority of those communication and automation issues in less than 30 minutes

o ensured that Task Force ODIN A had the required communications resources available to effectively assist the war fighter on the ground

o worked during his day off to ensure network connectivity for Main Body 1 arrivals

o maintained the DVB-RCS system at FOB Chapman, delivering 99.9% uptime on satellite feeds

o stepped up to hold the S6 position and ensure Soldiers had the necessary training and materials to accomplish the mission

o solved issues with user accounts as well as system and printer issues, making the sections operational

o embodied professionalism and commitment to mission accomplishment by ensuring that his assigned equipment, the STT and BnCPN was properly accounted for and maintained to 10/20

o configured and upgraded over 400 General Dynamic Sectera vIPer secure phones; ensured the telephone network operability for the U.S. Southern Command in Miami

Electronics Engineer

o supported a ten year project at Tobyhanna Army Depot which managed the installation of 12 Modernization of Enterprise Terminals throughout the world

o overcame numerous challenges during the Modernization of Enterprise Terminals project; completed a dual installation at Ft. Meade and U.S. Army Signal Activity Roberts

Information Assurance Manager

o developed and implemented a scripting tool that aided Task Force Spartan; tracked, remediated and decreased non-compliant users in ATCTS

o exceeded the standard for the Information Assurance inspection; earned a no fault score and separated Charlie company from its peers

o served as an IT technician for the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS); ensured ASRS maintenance personnel were successful in conducting mission operations

o developed a communication network that supported 43 SIPR terminals, five NIPR terminals, four CPOF systems, three BCS systems, and network peripherals

o ensured the success of the communication plan while simultaneously meeting the challenges of complying with Information Assurance standards

Program Manager

o furthered the Network Modernization efforts in theater; positioned 2nd Theater Signal Brigade for exponential increase in data capacity

o extended and formalized the implementation of the Change Management Program; improved documentation and acceptance

o oversaw the Task Management Tracker and Change Requests for the S-3 Engineering Division; identified trends and forecasted required resources reducing delays


o planned and executed multiple IT equipment recycling operations; disposal of obsolete equipment increased office space and efficiency and positively impacted the NC ARISC and the DIA JRIC

o sanitized, demilitarized, and removed over 500 system hard drives and over 7,000 pounds of legacy IT equipment; improved NC ARISC ability to integrate future expansion projects within the facility

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