Electronic Warfare Specialist NCOER Examples

MOS 29E, Electronic Warfare Specialist, was changed to MOS 17E, Electronic Warfare Specialist, in 2018.

Electronic Warfare Specialist

o maintained proficiency of 3,3,2 in modern standard arabic, the highest in Charlie Company

o facilitated Bde operations and movement tracking

o served as unit SIGSEC manager and conducted regular training and monitoring within the unit

o ensured continuity of operations for the Brigade Language Learning Center

o provided effective Electronic Warfare Support during Combat Operations in the Panjwai' district

o provided the Chief of Staff with Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) assessments and assisted in the development of strategic plans for countering asymmetric threats during the War on Terror

o ensured that all CREW Systems were at peak performance levels at all times

o ensured that all 127th BEB CREW Specialists maintained proficiency and executed their duties properly

o instilled motivation for all personnel to properly maintain and utilize CREW systems

o unit has suffered Zero equipment or personnel casualties from Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices

o provided flawless security for 188 personnel, a fuel depot, flight line and all goverment property within the camp

o identified source of RF interference, developed corrective action and restored critical communication

o assisted in FCC five-year review of RF licenses; identified 6 unused UHF channels, increased comm capacity by 30%

o with no formal training, he became 1st Platoon's subject matter expert on 3 different communication systems

o ensured the success of the Ardent Sentry Training Exercise; effectively maintained system integrity within the Joint Incident Site Communication Capability (JISCC)

o developed and implemented security measures for the King of Jordan's visit to KASOTC

o ensured all security requirement were met or exceeded; facilitated perfect security inspection

o assisted with the completion of 66 work orders and over 40 convoy operations ensuring mission success

o investigated two APCs used as VBIEDs; provided indepth analysis of source and future threat

o coordinated installation defense measures for 6 joint bases, 3,000 personnel and 100 aircraft

o orchestrated the installation of eight bunkers, five mass casualty kits and a camp-wide emergency broadcast system

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