MOS 17E Electronic Warfare Specialist NCOER Bullets

MOS 29E, Electronic Warfare Specialist, was changed to MOS 17E, Electronic Warfare Specialist, in 2018.

o distinguished himself as an EW NCO during NTC Rotation 20-04 by going above and beyond his lane; indispensable team member

o sourced new graphics for all three EWWWTs; ensured every team had up to date target lists which included over 300 separate emitters

o demonstrated advanced knowledge of EW tactics, techniques, and procedures in support of 127th BEB during Mountian Peak exercise

o identified and reported over 30 unknown frequencies; produced actionable intelligence on the location and radio usage of enemy forces

o ensured all vehicles, including the MATV, 10-ton LMTVs, and the MAXPRO were current with updates and upgrades; protected personnel and equipment

o performed critical tasks necessary to the success of the Squadron without supervision; multiplied the effectiveness of the advance party

o acted independently...moved to several locations to capture all radio signals in the area; delivered exhaustive signal intel

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