MOS 31A Military Police Officer

o performed duty as Range OIC resulting in achieving over 80% qualification rate on the M4 weapon system

o worked diligently to assess needs, develop plans, and distribute responsibilities of multiple ranges for qualification training; maximized efficiency with limited resources

o served as ADVON element lead to Camp Blanding; ensured the safety and efficient set up of unit resources prior to training.

o planned, lead and excuted over 10 MP missions covering all 5 military police functions; efficient delegation of responsibility increased qualifications

o led and coordinated an emergency response during the critical initial call-up and marshalling of National Guard soldiers; efforts produced best on-scene rate in the state

o demonstrated his ability to plan force mobilization; foresight reduced obstacles to operations by 50%

o represented the unit during a 200th MP command Pre-Joint Assessment Conference; clarified inter-agency responsibilities

o worked around the clock to determine state EMA needs, develop resources, and distribute soldiers and equipment to the areas that were hardest hit; maximized aid with finite and limited resources

o coordinated with VIPSAM Intelligence, 113th OSS, and DC ARNG; developed cohesive plan that integrated efforts toward restoring order and protecting the President

o served as Domestic Operations Civil Unrest element lead in the National Capitol Region; ensured the safety of demonstrators and the integrity of national monuments

o organized the secure movement of 5,000 guard members across the National Capitol Region; provided critical support to the Joint Force Headquarters transportation team

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