MOS 31D Criminal Investigation Special Agent

Army CID Badge

CID Agent

o supervised the Reverse Reception Staging Onward-movement Integration of all Maryland National Guard units in the Baltimore riots; optimized employment of limited resources

o as lead investigator, aided NCIS in 3 Law of War investigations resulting in indictment in 2 cases

o participated with NCIS, British SIB, K-9, and military police in the prep and execution of counter drug ops

o stood up original CID office in Afganistan deployed location-ready 30 days ahead of schedule

o mentored junior and senior members in law enforcement matters-team player!

o performed for the US Army CID Team at the 32nd International Moenchengladbach Military Skills Competition; earned three 1st place throphies

o served as BDOC NCOIC and BDOC liaison between multiple military branches, including Kuwait Military personnel, that operate on Kuwait Naval Base

o performed joint operations with German Police and other law enforcement agencies, resulting in numerous criminal elements being brought to justice

o updated Counterintelligence Investigations and Evidence Processing instructional material in preparation for the QAO inspection

o opened and closed 9 successful criminal cases, assisted NCIS in developing 7 major crimes cases

o conducted undercover narcotics operations which resulted in the arrest of 11 drug dealers and the confiscation of a large amount of illegal drugs

o contributed to the arrest of 6 suspects including persons involved in the trafficking of humans which gained the interest of the United States Attorney's Office

o served as evidence custodian for CID and military police ensuring zero breach of chain of custody

o conducted 35 successful interogations in less than 90 days-leads section in prosecution rate

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