MOS 31D, CID Special Agent Awards

Economic Crime Integration Desk Officer

Meritorious service while serving as an Economic Crime Integration Desk Officer, Economic Crime Integration Desk, Investigations, Collections and Operations Nexus, 7th Field Investigations Region, Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. During this period, Captain Arnold's superb leadership and ceaseless efforts contributed to his selection as the Army Criminal Investigation Command's representative to the International Contract Corruption Task Force Joint Operations Center, where nine other federal investigative agencies were also represented. Captain Arnold expertly coordinated, prioritized and deconflicted 13 fraud and corruption investigations and provided excellent real-time support to the warfighter. Captain Arnold was also selected to represent the Army Criminal Investigation Command on the United States Air Force Services Audit Committee, where he kept senior Air Force leaders, to include the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, apprised of key information regarding services related investigations, enabling the senior leaders to make timely and relevant decisions. Finally, Captain Arnold's passionate and premier support to the field agent was enhanced by his direct involvement in a high profile counterfeit parts investigation for which he traveled to a major U.S. city to provide on-site support of the execution of the search warrant, which resulted in the conviction of the perpetrator and a three year prison sentence. The distinctive accomplishments of Captain Arnold reflect credit upon himself, the Army Criminal Investigation Command and the United States Army.

Senior Case Agent

As the Senior Case Agent in the office, SSG Snuffy was counted on routinely for training, guidance, and mentorship. SSG Snuffy developed training for 11 Soldiers on crime scene examinations, photography, and evidence collection, focusing on proper technique and documentation. His hard work assisted in the development of two apprentice agents and increased the office's ability to provide professional law enforcement products to commanders throughout the AOR, ensuring commanders' ability to maintain good order and discipline.

Special Agent

SA Kelly Barracks, Kabul Base Cluster (KBC) CID Office, distinguished himself as a crucial member of the law enforcement community. SA Barracks benefitted the entire KBC area by providing his expertise in the arena of Drug Awareness and Sexual Assaults and by developing and delivering briefings for all units operating in the KBC area. He coordinated with the Kabul CID office to obtain travel support and establish a time for weekly briefs. His initiative and ability to deliver an informative product resulted in the award of a Certificate of Appreciation from the Kabul Military Training Center Advisor Group, Camp Alamo, Afghanistan.

CID Agent

o served as evidence custodian for CID and military police ensuring zero breach of chain of custody

o conducted 35 successful interogations in less than 90 days-leads section in prosecution rate

o as lead investigator, aided NCIS in 3 Law of War investigations resulting in indictment in 2 cases

o participated with NCIS, British SIB, K-9, and military police in the prep and execution of counter drug ops

o stood up original CID office in Afganistan deployed location-ready 30 days ahead of schedule

o mentored junior and senior members in law enforcement matters-team player!

o opened and closed 9 successful criminal cases, assisted NCIS in developing 7 major crimes cases

Operations NCO

SFC XXXX was selected as the Operations NCO for the XXXth MP Bn Rear supporting four combat support MP companies and two law and order detachments. He managed the production of 300 orders and taskings with no discrepancies that supported the XXth MP Brigade, 8th TSC and USARPAC. He personally supervised the successful deployment and redeployment of 30 individuals ISO worldwide contingency operations. In addition, he displayed exceptional organizational and managerial skills far beyond his peers.

In the absence of the Battalion Operations SGM, SFC XXXX ensured the S-3 shop continued operations with minimal direction. During high OPTEMPO, he successfully synchronized the deployment of the XXth MP Company in support of OEF, while simultaneously setting the conditions for a smooth redeployment and reintegration of the XXXd MP Company. He expertly managed and coordinated numerous training events, to include an Air Assault Course and four new equipment fielding/training missions.

SFC XXXX was instrumental to the development and implementation of the 728th Military Police Battalion law enforcement certification program. A unique, world class MP training program which enabled the battalion to achieve a level of public safety and emergency response proficiency that surpassed the Army's standards. SFC XXXX certified over 1000 MP on 69 law enforcement specific tasks, including active shooter, standardized field sobriety testing and RADAR & LIDAR operations.

While performing duties as a Military Police duty officer, SFC XXXX provided exceptional law enforcement support to USAG-HI and the DES. On multiple occasions, he flawlessly established an incident command post, coordinating fire, EOD, ambulance and multiple other agencies in real-world incidents. SFC XXXX's dedication and commitment to excellence greatly enhanced the installation's ability to provide a secure environment for over 93,000 Soldiers and their Family members residing on Oahu.


Battle NCO/RTO

While deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, SFC Reynolds performed the duties of Battle NCO in the Task Force Tarpon Tactical Operations Center during the attack on 19 January 2014. SFC Reynolds adhered to sound tactical doctrine during operations by identifying, updating and disseminating appropriate briefing and tracking aids to provide accurate and up-to-the-minute reporting and tracking of personnel on the battlefield.

SFC Reynolds demonstrated dedication and responsibility by stepping out of his MOS and into one of the most important roles in Kabul Base Cluster as RTO in the TOC. Not only did SFC Reynolds do this to the best of his ability but he became an outstanding and indispensable RTO for KBC OPS.

SFC Reynolds displayed laudable leadership skills and solid technical expertise while providing 100% reliable communications in support of Task Force Tarpon during battle drills. SFC Reynolds' all-encompassing leadership and "Take Charge" style faciliated a sense of teamwork, loyalty, and involvement in his subordinates. His enthusiasm inspired his peers and subordinates to rise above themselves to accomplish all missions.

As Battle NCO, SFC Reynolds developed and maintained effective communication with the Battle Captain, S-3 OIC, J6, Task Force 51, KBC Bases, and RTOs. Despite the challenges posed by a continuously expanding operations tempo and mission responsibilities, he accepted and completed all tasks with the utmost professionalism. His experience, maturity, attention to detail and proficiency were vital to, not only the the success of 226th MEB, but the entire Task Force Tarpon.

While assigned to the personnel gate at the North CP, SPC John Doe was able to confiscate five fake Jensiyas, Iraqi Identification Cards from local nationals trying to get on to FOB HAMMER illegally. On the same day at the North Gate SPC John Doe also obtained information from different Iraqi's, that helped provide stability to the region during the elections.

SPC John Doe ensured the Quick Reaction Force was ramped up and ready to proceed to point of origin and point of impact grids, after multiple indirect fire attacks. His immediate actions, erudition of indirect fire drills, and auspicious decision making skills helped lead to the 100% accountability of over 2000 Soldiers and civilians on FOB DELTA.

During the six months SPC John Doe has been deployed, he has gone above and beyond the call of duty taking his own personal time to help improve his fellow Soldiers. SPC John Doe took his own personal time to help two Soldiers pass their APFT exceeding the Army standard by over forty points. In addition, SPC John Doe worked diligently and sought self improvement to pass the Pre-Ranger APFT. He improved his own PT score by 30 points, increasing the Squad average by 20%.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, SPC John Doe continuously volunteered to work above and beyond his peers during his down time to ensure the 3rd MP Platoon vehicles were fully mission capable. SPC John Doe continuously took initiative to ensure four MRAP's and four HMMWV's were fully mission capable with little to no guidance. SPC John Doe contributed to the platoon by maintaining a 95% operational readiness rate during the first six months of deployment.

Squad Leader

Staff Sergeant G deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom from Feb 2012 to Mar 2013 where he served as Squad Leader of a Military Police combat support unit. He exceeded expectations in his performance as the Sergeant of the Guard (SOG) and was responsible for 19 Soldiers, 5 observation towers, 1 Entry Control Post, multiple security escorts, and Personal Security Details.

Sergeant G provided career planning and professional development for all Soldiers in the company. He informed Soldiers of NCOES and other schools needed for advancement to the next grade and described the challenges they were likely to encounter. He forecasted school slots for all eligible soldiers and submitted these to Home Station.

Sergeant G supported members of his squad by finding Active Guard Reserve (AGR) hiring opportunities for Soldiers and helping them with the application process.

Sergeant G made himself an invaluable security asset by assisting in planning company training on Individual Tasks and Rules of Engagement Scenarios. He maintained the highest alert posture and ensured the perimeter security of task force personnel and their assets valued at over $10,000,000.

He mentored Team Leaders on how to properly lead and evaluate training per FM 7-0. His After Action Reviews continually added shared knowledge to the platoon for their Security Forces mission.

Sergeant G maintained positive control of all squad equipment during mobilization and deployment. He was responsible for $2.5 million in vehicles, weapons, and support equipment. As the Sergeant of the Guard he was responsible for over $200,000 in equipment.

SSG G exhibited the traits and characteristics of a true, professional by showing genuine concern and care for all Soldiers under his direct supervision.

SSG G could always be depended on to perform any mission, at any time.

SSG G's tactical and technical proficiency greatly aided to the successful completion of the Security Division's law and order mission.

Operations Officer

MSG Ayers aggressively took the lead and organized planning efforts for supporting JLOTS. Responding to the unique operating environment, he proactively acquired cold weather gear and determined mission requirements for PSU 301 to participate in a cold weather joint training exercise. As the ranking member, he managed the operational and logistical preparation of 48 members for deployment to JLOTS. His team completed over 1,500 PSU PQS sign-offs, earned 20 PSU Pins, passed the PSU Pin board and qualified as certified Port Security Unit members. His efforts delivered a fully qualified security team in minimal time. During the JLOTS exercise, he assisted PSU 301 leadership, oversaw 11 challenging OPFOR training scenarios and accomplished 100+ vehicle searches and 22 personnel searches. His efforts were recognized by the joint staff.

MSG Ayers was a staunch champion of USCG security during JLOTS. He tactfully used political acumen to resolve outstanding responsibility issues while at the same time establishing cooperative relationships with multiple local, state, Federal and military agencies. His efforts established PSU 301 as the foremost port security unit within JLOTS Command.

Team Leader

A highly accomplished criminal investigator, he directly led or significantly influenced a multitude of highly sensitive cases, leveraging his extensive civilian law enforcement expertise to bolster investigative processes and mentor less experienced agents.

MSG Costas spearheaded an in-depth review of his unit's capabilities, sources, and case files, to identify program weaknesses and discrepancies.

His efforts laid the groundwork for the Detachment's Excellent Unit inspection rating 12 months later.

MSG Costas also developed the final iteration of the command-wide policy to video record all suspect interviews.

He validated the policy to video record all suspect interviews against a cross-section of civilian and federal law enforcement agencies ensuring the practice was consistent with industry standards and case law. The new policy was a seismic cultural shift for the Provost Marshall and significantly improved case adjudication.

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