Internment Resettlement Specialist
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See also: Navy Guard Force Evaluations

Housing Unit Correctional Specialist

o in-processed over 120 newly confined inmates; scoured records, inventoried over $12K of money and personal property with 100% accuracy

o searched over 5,000 articles of clothing and prevented the introduction of contraband into the facility; improved the safety of staff and inmate population

o managed custody and control of more than thirty inmates assigned within the housing unit-zero incidents

o oversaw radio room section, zero work-related incidents, and maintained 100% accountability of all equipment

o made significant progress in qualification b (needs improvement)

o maintained order; utilized IPC skills to defuse volatile situations while guarding over 36 detainees

o served as the focal point for inmate/detainee in- and out-processing for a 600 bed, $50 million regional DoD confinement facility jointly-staffed by 255 Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and civilian personnel

Guard Force Commander

o oversaw operations in Detainee Housing Unit Foxtrot (DHU-F) and Afghan Housing Unit Delta (AHU-D) in the Detention Facility in Parwan (DFIP)

o developed a joint Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the Afghan management of the Housing Unit Delta (AHU-D) facility

o delivered BSCT Pre-Servie training; prepared 12 new 31Es for work at Camp V

o supervised and transfered over 2300 Detainees

o provided pre-service Guard Force training to newly arriving units at Camp Cropper, Iraq

moving prisoner into cell

Platoon Leader

o provided bulletproof security for Touts-saint L'Ouverture International Airport

o safegarded 550 U.S. personnel and 440 International Force personnel and civilians at the Haiti Operations Center

o provided security escort for U.S. members to and from hotels, embassy and other Haiti locations

USDB Escort

o conducted, controlled inmate movements both inside and outside of facility on a regular basis

Internment/Resettlement Specialist

o executed duties as cell block guard, recreation yard guard, sally port guard, rover and forced cell extraction team member

o conducted 48 forced cell extractions, 120 cell inspections and over 200 detainee escorts

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