All Source Intelligence Officer
NCOER Bullets

o acted as the SOF LNO for Eager Lion 2022, a joint-combined exercise with multiple partner nations hosted in Jordan

o engaged with all US SOF elements to provide exercise overview

o assisted in the execution of various Field Training Exercises (Live Range Fire, Breaches, joint-combined operations)

o collaborated daily with Jordanian SOF counterpart to provide continuous SITREPs of ongoing exercises

o met with other partner nation SOF counterparts (Iraq, UK, France, Kazakhstan) to establish uniformity in SOF exercises

o coordinated with US Navy SEALs and JORSOF for a VBSS exercise to include the logistics and exercise planning

o presented End of Day briefings on the successes of SOF exercises and operations to joint-combined leadership (BGen Matthew Reid, Maj Gen Steven deMiliano, JORSOF and partner nation GOs)

o established MOA between separate services; tripled intelligence resources with no additional manning or cost

o briefed several high ranking officials within the Air Force and the Navy; improved intel sharing and cooperation

o closed out 100 All Source Eyelid Reports (ASERs); prevented countless casualties within the CENTCOM AOR

o provided a network sharing forum, which enabled seven different Ground Liaison Detachments to provide an extensive amount of working material

o developed a comprehensive All Source Eyelid Report tracker which is currently being used by the DGS-1 DART

o trained S2 all-source analysts to provide intelligence support to Information Operations in accordance with JP 3-13 and ATP 3-13.1.

o submitted more than 90 official passports and visas for personnel attending Balance Torch, Baker Torch, and Cobra Gold; admin requirements exceeded

o organized and implemented a wide array of training for the All-Source Production Section (ASPS) prior to and during Cobra Gold; increased unit efficiency, reduced dissemination delays by 50%

o overcame obstacles to ensure that LIK was afforded to all Soldiers in the detachment

o disseminated all-source intelligence and counter intelligence at all echelons during Annual OPFOR Training

o conceptualized and implemented security measures for classified information throughout Operation Cobra Gold 2013; foresight streamlined daily operations

o developed and produced Beyond the Horizon Country Threat Briefs; introduced unknown information-related capabilities and reduced operational vulnerability

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