MOS 35 Intelligence

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o set up NAIs and help to prevent idf attack on CAMP Taji

o helped supply the 163rd Rear Detachment with the supplies needed for new soldiers and to conduct daily operations

o managed the West Fort Hood gym ran standard and ensured standards were maintained

o maintained the highest IIR to interrogation ratio within the Strategic Debriefing Center

o ensured the Battalion's fire extinguishers were filled and properly tagged

o produced slides on the impending offensive planned by the Somali Transitional Federal Government on the insurgent group Al-Shabaab while deployed to AFRICOM

o assisted soldiers navigate when lost

o maintained the collection, processing, and dissemination of 3,000 square miles of pearl imagery from more than 40 flights

o provided LMTV support for the Battalion Warrior Forge exercise

o devoted over 100 hours of her free time teaching English in Slovakia

o produced the first ever published Afghan Intelligence Information Report

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