CMF 35 Intelligence NCOER Examples

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Broadening Assignments/ Positions

Capabilities Development NCO
Foreign Disclosure Representative
ICF Manager
Instructor Preparation Team
Intelligence Oversight NCOIC
Interpreter Manager
Operational Management Team
Security Manager
Special Missions Unit
Special Security Representative
Training Development NCO

Contributions without MOS or duty title included will be listed below.

o collaborated with the Joint Integrated Coordination Cell (JICC) to sanitize and release 300 documents; supported foreign military partnership and production requirements

o directed the acquisition, configuration, and fielding of intelligence sharing systems that expanded communications channels among our closest SOF allies and partners by 200%

o his efforts drove unprecedented intelligence sharing that answered 567 time-sensitive requests for information and countered Russian malign activity in Ukraine

o led a team of five open source analysts, increasing production despite overhead collection shortfalls, resulting in accurate analysis and validation of battle damage estimates

o coordinated across the staff to capture security and use guidance for remote advise and assist hardware which safeguarded and expedited critical communications

o secured an additional $1.4M in funding for the mission partner environment program; ensured 24/7 technical support and reinforced Allied and partner interoperability beyond FY25

o served as the Current Operations Intelligence Analyst at the Joint Multi-National Readiness Center in Grafenwöhr Germany during the Saber Junction 2023 field training exercise

o monitored and tracked enemy composition and disposition for 10 combat aviation missions in support of 3-17 Air Cavalry Squadron; enhanced defensive posture

o provided critical insight and advice to the BN battle captain; modified the unit's security posture and improved the unit's ability to react to indirect and direct fire

o served as liaison with units in the AO; engaged with both leadership and lower level personnel to capitalize on local resources and optimize intelligence gathering

o built rapport and familiarity with other units in the AO; led to a greater understanding of Army Counterintelligence operations throughout the unit

o provided security for meetings, effective questioning techniques, and demonstrated outstanding skills as an Army Counterintelligence specialist

o briefed all pilots prior to their mission and debriefed them on their return during hotwash; captured and prioritized all issues for resolution

o served as a basic and intermediate target development analyst; produced timely and accurate intelligence for four requests for information

o filled in as primary target development analyst; developed productive targets spanning U.S. Forces Korea, U.S. Central Command, and U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Areas of Operation

o provided recurring intelligence updates to the Squadron Commander; directly enabled mission success for the 3-17 Air Cavalry Squadron

o produced and disseminated 478 crisis products, 199 Morning Update Briefs, and 377 J2 Watch Highlights; sustained intel operations ISO theater goals

o provided time sensitive intel to theater/Component Commanders and allied Naval forces operating in the USEUCOM/AFRICOM AORs; improved situational awareness exponentially

o corrected over 100 security classification errors in MUB Source Packets, slides, and scripts; prevented spillage of classified information and ensured zero security violations

o set up NAIs and help to prevent idf attack on CAMP Taji

o helped supply the 163rd Rear Detachment with the supplies needed for new soldiers and to conduct daily operations

o managed the West Fort Hood gym ran standard and ensured standards were maintained

o maintained the highest IIR to interrogation ratio within the Strategic Debriefing Center

o ensured the Battalion's fire extinguishers were filled and properly tagged

o produced slides on the impending offensive planned by the Somali Transitional Federal Government on the insurgent group Al-Shabaab while deployed to AFRICOM

o assisted soldiers navigate when lost

o maintained the collection, processing, and dissemination of 3,000 square miles of pearl imagery from more than 40 flights

o provided LMTV support for the Battalion Warrior Forge exercise

o devoted over 100 hours of her free time teaching English in Slovakia

o produced the first ever published Afghan Intelligence Information Report

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