MOS 35X Intel Senior Sergeant NCOER Bullets

Intel Chief

o supported the Joint Warfighting Activity; facilitated the seamless integration of Intelligence systems between the Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders, British, and the 4ID G2

o led six Soldiers in the error-free production of 88 intelligence updates and 79 charts for active units; established unquestionable credibility in the CENTCOM AOR

o oversaw the successful and timely completion of daily deliverables, Bn HQ requirements, and efficient detachment operations

o produced and presented a high level briefing to the U.S. ambassador to Turkey, and several U.S. and Turkish National Agencies; demonstrated U.S. committment to assist Turkey

o integrated and utilized the abilities of 6 joint service members; coordinated and presented multiple world-class intel reports

o supervised the delivery of 26 timely and accurate intelligence briefings ensuring mission success

o delivered 65 threat briefs; prepared operators for all known enemy systems, enabled safest, most efficient missions

o directed in-house creation of 11 new AOR mission charts; increased visibility, boosted pilot/ground pounder integration

35X5P2S Anti-Terrorism Officer

o meticulously developed training scenarios that reflected real-World AT/FP threats in support of the annual Ikaika ATEX

o successfully lead in Brigade level planning and facilitation of the annual Garrison HUREX earning high accolades from various, joint inter-island agencies

o relentlessly pursued the refurbishment of the Brigade's AT/FP program resulting in a commendable rating during the INSCOM Organization Inspection Program

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