MOS 35Y COIN/HUMINT Senior Sergeant NCOER Bullets

o published first-ever Afghan Intelligence Information Report; crossfeed led to 75% increase in effective targeting

o disseminated all-source intelligence and counter intelligence products, improved local performance and situational awareness

o developed and polished the Computer Network Operations Execution Order (CNO EXORD) that was adopted by Army G3

o provided detailed information on required synchronization of intelligence at the enterprise-level

o arranged training of network analysts and intel analysts at the Signal Center and Intelligence Center

o maintained the highest IIR to interrogation ratio within the Strategic Debriefing Center

o served as an Intelligence Senior Sergeant in the Network Effects Cell for Task Force 41

o conducted over 100 interrogations at Field Detention Site Shank, particpated in approximately 25 percent personally

o coordinated daily with partnering units and agencies to provide fresh compartmentalized intelligence for Information Operations target and network development efforts in support of Information Operations Task Force - Afghanistan (IOTF-A)

o adapted quickly to an evolving intelligence picture in a challenging and austere environment

o coordinated critical intelligence categories (CICs) between Army G2, PEO Enterprise Information Systems, and DCSINT

o contributed to over 1,000 Terrain and Intelligence-based Geospatial products that were vital to multiple military forces including ISAF and ANSF

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