MOS 68B Orthopedic Specialist NCOER Bullets

o overhauled 250 critical supplies, cementing $17M in care and a $35M portfolio; modernized the orthopedic service

o led an equipment and systems upgrade and secured over $35K to actualize a digital fabrication concept that has poised Walter Reed to become the Army fabrication hub for custom foot orthotics

o redesigned the clinic floorplan and carved out 6 additional exam rooms; increased patient capacity and added 19,000 additional appointments slots a year

o revised the Orthotic Services product lines; replaced aging bracing systems with cutting edge technology and materials and saved the Army over $5K

o maintained accurate and secure inventory and movement of $3M in medical equipment and 110 sterile instrument sets

o scrubbed, circulated and prepared approximately 30 successful orthopedic surgical cases for PP12 Cambodia

o performed over 25 minor surgical procedures to include incision and drainage, cyst and wart removals, biopsies, suturing and local anesthesia

o instructed six medics to standard in preparing biopsy trays, performing cryosurgery, wart removals and biopsies

o trained three incoming Soldiers in various casting/splinting techniques, AHLTA and DMLSS training, and clinic scheduling during RIP, without disrupting patient care

o instrumental in moving all expired medical supplies to the medical connex for redistribution

o reformatted all of the Community Health Promotion Council data for the 65th MED BDE

o deployed in support of the GWOT as the sole Orthopedic Specialist at the Air Force hospital; provided on call service for 80,000 coalition troops

o assisted in the surgical care of 60 combat injured patients, contributing to the highest all time combat survival rate of ninety eight percent

o supported 11 surgeons and 8 residents across seven surgery services; evaluated 8,100 patients and 310 surgeries, yielding $5M and the number one DoD Robot site

o founded the Brigade's first spine program, oversaw a $2M account and established a Physician Assistant position; captured $3M in referrals

o embedded 2 technicians at the Veterans Affairs hospital by forming schedules for 72 clinics, 800 patients, and 44 procedures; generated $4M and stood up the Army's first DoD/VA Spine Program

o led the command's largest Covid operation by developing protocols and testing 1.2K deployers, establishing the health care home testing programs; sustained NATO exercises

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