MOS 68B, Orthopedic Specialist Awards

Meritorious service while serving as Physical Medicine Technician, 59th Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Squadron, 59th Medical Operations Group, Lackland AFB, Texas, from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Kelly personally treated 3,400 patients and was interim NCOIC of the Occupational Therapy Clinic for 90 days, successfully managing the care of more than 600 patients and saving $77,500 in outsourcing. Additionally, he was the only Soldier in the last six years to attend the Army's multi-service occupational therapy specialty course, winning Honor Graduate over 13 students. Sergeant Kelly's stellar performance was key to his flight's selection as the Air Force Physical Medicine Team of the Year for 2012. Sergeant Kelly's extraordinary efforts and accomplishments during this period reflect credit upon himself, the 59th Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Squadron and the United States Army.

Meritorious service while serving as Noncommissioned Officer in Charge, Podiatry Services, 99th Surgical Operations Squadron, 99th Medical Group, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Frank Burns sustained 4,252 patient appointments during a 33% provider decrease, preventing outsourcing, and saving $800,000 in medical costs. As an Orthopedic Preceptor, he trained 70 Independent Duty Medical technicians and Phase II Medical Technicians, teaching 345 hours of orthopedic trauma and emergency room splinting, increasing patient safety and care and eliminating poor and ineffective techniques. Furthermore, Sergeant Burns was selected by the commander as the unit fitness program manager, reducing overdue fitness assessments from 20 percent to 5 percent, and catapulting compliance rates from 80 percent to 98 percent. Finally, a consummate professional, he was selected as Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter, 99th Surgical Operations Squadron, 4th quarter 2011. Sergeant Burns' dedication and devotion to duty is in keeping with the finest traditions of the Army and reflects great credit upon himself, the 99th Medical Group and the United States Army.

Meritorious service while serving as Orthopedic Technician, 779th Surgical Operations Squadron, 779th Medical Group, Joint Base Andrews, Maryland from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this period, while assigned to the Orthopedic Clinic, Sergeant Carla Hector assisted with 235 operative and clinical procedures which provided clinical care to 1,312 patients. Her extraordinary leadership and technical skills were showcased during a high risk elbow reconstruction surgery, where she led a surgical team that reduced the operating room time to 90 minutes, increasing medical efficiency and ultimately reducing the patient's risk factor. Additionally, Sergeant Hector was the driving force behind the task of collecting patient data, resulting in the recapturing of 230 National Capital Region orthopedic eligible patients, and recouping $20,000. While deployed to Bagram, she aided in the Area of Responsibility's 98 percent survival rate by scrubbing 310 surgical cases and providing 2,000 around the clock on-call hours. Moreover, her attention to detail while managing 18 clinical medications and a $5,000 supply account led to the 779th Medical Group's Outstanding HSI rating. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Hector reflect credit upon herself, the 779th Surgical Operations Squadron and the United States Army.

Staff Sergeant Eison's outstanding professional skill, knowledge, and leadership aided in the battalion's transition to Korea and in developing and implementing necessary operational standards to reflect the battalion's growth and shifting mission.

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