Patient Administration Specialist NCOER Bullets

Patient Administrative Clerk

o created SOP for the entire section which included phone directory for the entire post

o identified required tasks and authored OIs for all procedures; improved site qualification by 100%

o used idle time constructively: checked and corrected 2,000 records for errors; poised for increased efficiency

o provided information management, technology and services to support the USA MEDDAC mission

o ensured patient statuses, daily updates to the WACH Commander on admissions and discharges were up to the minute accurate

o tracked and provided status of all medical treatment rendered on the NTC by rotational assets

o provided outstanding initial treatment, care and admin recording creating the Admin Clerk standard for care at Evans Community Hospital

o contributed to the effectiveness and success of the 213th Area Support Medical Company's treatment facilities both in the field and in garrison

o SPC's leadership and "Take Charge" attitude inspired a sense of camraderie, loyalty, and initiaive in his team

o demonstrated selfless service by working endlessly to maintain the integrity of reports, accuracy of patient information and inventory of medical supplies

o his enthusiasm and dedication insired his peers and subordinates to rise above themselves to accomplish the mission

o arranged and guided the relocation of the entire PAD section with over 7,000 records in one day to facilitate immediate start of clinic construction project

o volunteered for and served on 30-day joint POW/MIA Accounting Command mission to Vietnam to relocate US servicemembers' remains

Medical Records

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Admission and Dispostion NCOIC

o managed multiple functional groups to comprise the PAB with exceptional results; team performance lauded in all audits and assessments with no findings

o guided ineligible medical care seekers to alternate facilities; prevented delays and suffering


o served as the NCOIC of Patient Administration Division which consisted of 19 civilians and three service members and managed IDES department, Coding, HIPAA and medical records; sustained operations

o outstanding and thorough preparation for Global Medic 2010 Rotation and care for fellow Soldiers guaranteed success

o was a vital member of the Air Force's first Forward Surgical Team

o he amplified local medical assets by assisting with the care of 200 trauma and 200 outpatient local nationals and coalition forces

o maintained all Soldiers 100% trained on all required Warrior tasks; ensured 71 DOD civilians remained 95% compliant with all recurring training requirements

o establised an MOS training program that trained twenty four 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers in their mortuary affairs MOS which supported their go to war mission

o inculcated safety awareness, which resulted in zero accicents or injuries in her departments; always communicated safety and demanded the same from others

o maintained all Soldiers 100% trained on all required Warrior tasks; ensured all PAD section soldiers completed their AT level SSD training

o worked countless hours to ensure all equipment and property book items were accounted for at all times


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