Patient Administration Specialist Awards

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Administration Specialist Award (ARCOM)

SPC Smith consistently proved to be a valued asset as a Medical Records Clerk for the Patient Administrations Division (PAD). SPC Smith's mission-first attitude enabled her to scan over 100 inches of sensitive medical documentation into patients' records, dating as far back as 2004. She ensured timeliness when processing Veteran Affairs claims, and satisfactory retrieval of patients records when requested. Her work ethic proved to greatly increase the productivity of the office while exceeding expectations of completing the daily mission.

As a Correspondence clerk, SPC Smith was responsible for processing over 200 Release of Information requests a month, as well as over 1,000 background checks for Soldiers requesting arms room access, jobs for Civilians requesting work with children, and Soldiers with specialties inside and outside their MOS. She displayed a genuine willingness to help patients and hospital staff with complicated problems in a professional and courteous manner.

SPC Smith's excelled in all her duties within PAD, Outpatient Records and Correspondence sections. Her leadership, take charge attitude and enthusiasm assisted in developing a sense of teamwork, loyalty, and initiative in her peers. SPC Smith's also assisted with training four new Soldiers in the section. Her vast knowledge of regulations and Standard Operating Procedures was utilized daily guaranteeing that only the best patient care and unequaled customer service was given.

ARCOM Award for a Patient Administration Specialist

SPC Snuffy consistently proved to be a valued asset as a Medical Records Clerk for the Medical Records Branch. Her tenacity, and mission-first attitude enabled her to scan over 200 inches of sensitive medical documentation into patients' records, backdating to the year 2004, ensuring excellent patient care, timely processing of Veteran Affairs claims, and satisfactory retrieval of patients records when requested. Her work ethic proved to greatly increase the productivity of the office as well as exceed expectations of completing the daily mission.

SPC Snuffy sacrificed her personal time in order to volunteer to support her local community by becoming a member of the flu immunization campaign for 2 years. This selfless and compassionate act involved countless hours of preparation and documenting to ensure maximum participation from the LRMC Staff. She helped to document over 10,000 patients per year, to include military personnel and civilians. With this act, she was recognized and praised by many officers who witness her dedication to serving each patient.

SPC Snuffy dedicated countless hours to assisting with the anit-bullying campaign for the Landstuhl Elementary and Middle School. She impacted as well as inspired students and staff with writing and performing an anit-bullying skit for over 500 people. This not only displayed her moral courage but her will to go above and beyond to intercede for individuals both in and outside of the organization.

SPC Snuffy' s vocal talents led her to be highly sought after and selected over ten times by senior NCOs and Officers. She utilized her talents to sing both the American and German National Anthems for a variety of formal functions and ceremonies throughout the organization, to include change of command ceremonies, equal opportunity training events, and change of responsibility ceremonies. Her gift gave her the platform to nobly represent her division and company, setting herself well apart from her peers.

Patient Administration Specialist

During NTC Rotation, SPC C was a major factor in C Company's success during the patient administration at Weed Army Community Hospital. SPC C was a valuable asset in providing information management, technology and services to support the USA MEDDAC mission. His attention to detail ensured timely patient statuses and daily updates to the WACH Commander on admissions and discharges, and also facilitated the successful tracking of all medical treatment rendered on the NTC by rotational assets. This information, in turn, assisted the C Company command in better planning for future training.

Patient Administration Clerk

SPC Goodman's leadership and take charge attitude developed a sense of teamwork, loyalty, and initiaive in her subordinates. Her enthusiasm and dedication inspired her peers and subordinates to exceed standards and accomplish all missions.

SPC Goodman demonstrated exceptional ability to learn new tasks in support of 352 Combat Support Hospital Unit Supply.

SPC Goodman showed dedication to duty and his fellow soldiers through the quality of his service and keen sense of detail when completing tasks that support the overall readiness of the unit.

NCOIC, Patient Administration Division

For meritorious service from 01 August 20XX to 31 August 20XX culminating with Kenner Army Health Clinic as a Noncommissioned Officer In Charge, Patient Administration Division, Kenner Army Health Clinic, Fort Lee, VA. Throughout her years of service, Sergeant Pozzi has distinguished herself by exceptional duty performance in positions of importance and responsibility. During her career, Sergeant Pozzi demonstrated extraordinary leadership, technical, and training skills thereby enhancing the readiness of numerous units in the total army. Her career has been marked by true professionalism and dedication and reflects great credit upon herself, Kenner Army Health Clinic, North Atlantic Regional Medical Command, and the United States Army.

Patient Administration Specialist

Developed the Tripler policy for the transition of in- and out-processing Soldiers with Behavioral Health histories. In addition, he briefed all personnel on the new procedures in preparation for the scheduled Inspector General Inspection. This new practice benefits all incoming and out-going Soldiers and ensures Tripler's compliance with MEDCOM policies.

SPC Kalbo directed the relocation of USAHC Katterbach PAD section with over 7,000 records in one day to facilitate immediate start of the clinic construction project

Volunteered for joint POW/MIA accounting mission in Vietnam for 45 days to relocate U.S. service members' remains.

Provided Admin services for detachment of MPs; only medic assigned to the Platoon; provided medical coverage for all members

Meritorious service while serving as Flight Chief, Patient Administration Division, 455th Expeditionary Support Squadron, 455th Air Expeditionary Wing, Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Wilbur A. Kellog led the theater of operation's busiest Patient Administration Flight, guiding twelve Soldiers and Airmen and ensuring the flight provided superior medical care for and patient tracking of 65,000 International Security Assistance Force war fighters. To support this critical role, he developed a tracking program which resolved 2,000 data errors, guaranteeing less than 2 percent data inaccuracies for over 1,000 surgeries, 300 Aeromedical evacuation missions, 9,000 outpatient visits, and 1,100 patient admissions, directly contributing to Craig Joint Theater Hospital's 99 percent survival rate. In addition, he single handedly completed 88 extensive biometric scans and coordinated scanning for 100% of all required patients and visitors, subsequently assuring security for 360 patients and staff. Further, Sergeant Kellog guided the discharge and evacuation decisions for over 700 patients by streamlining over 400 reports for which he validated data and distributed to Task Force Medical Offices and Air Force Central Command three times a day. Finally, Sergeant Kellog recognized 20 members of the Task Force Medical-East for their superior performance, coordinated 23 volunteer actions, and authored scripts as the group level Performer of the Month point of contact for three successive months. Sergeant Kellog's professionalism and dedication reflects great credit upon himself, the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing and the United States Army.

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